This is Vijay Miyatra. Am 36 and a proud father of 2 boys. Am an “Accidental Chef”! Yeah, I cook healthy weight loss recipes that I have tried and tested on myself and got successful results.

I have transformed my body from XXL to XL in just 7 months without GYM. And I am 101% confident that if you try my recipes you will definitely get visible results in a couple of months.

I wish you luck with your weight loss journey. Remember, you are AWESOME. Happy Health!

Vijay Miyatra's recipes


Image Name Ratings Difficulty
Mixed Fruit Lassi Mixed Fruit Lassi
Aam Panna Lassi Aam Panna Lassi
aloo tikki chaat Aloo Tikki Chaat
Peda Lassi Pede Wali Lassi
Jhal Muri Jhalmuri – Kolkata Street Food Recipe
Bhelpuri Bhelpuri – Mumbai Street Food Recipe
dahi puri Dahi Puri Recipe (with Step by Step Photos)
Chikoo Lassi Chikoo Lassi Recipe
muskmelon lassi Muskmelon Lassi or Smoothie
Ice Cream Lassi Ice Cream Lassi
Rose Lassi Rose Lassi Recipe
Paan Lassi Paan Lassi Recipe
pineapple lassi Pineapple Lassi Recipe
Mango Lassi Mango Lassi Recipe
Banana Lassi Banana Lassi or Banana Smoothie
Dry Fruit Lassi Dry Fruit Lassi
Chocolate Lassi Chocolate Lassi Recipe
Kaju Gulkand Lassi Kaju Gulkand Lassi Recipe
Bombay Bhel Bombay Bhel – Mumbai Street Food Recipe
Urad Dal Urad Dal Recipe
Papad Bhel Papad Bhel – Quick Tea Time Indian Snack
Kadhai Masala step 2 Kadhai Masala – Making Kadai Masala At Home
Basket Chaat Basket Chaat or Tokri Chaat
Kurkure Bhel or Chaat Kurkure Chaat or Kurkure Bhel
Popcorn Bhel Popcorn Bhel – Indian Street Food
Oreo Melted Chocolate Milkshake Oreo and Melted-Chocolate Milkshake
Red Chutney Red Chutney for Chaat Sandwiches and Snacks
Dahi Papdi Chaat Dahi Papdi Chaat – Quick Tea Time Snack
Green Chutney Green Chutney for Chaat Sandwiches and Snacks
Masala Lassi Masala Lassi – The Indian Thirst Quencher
indian egg omelette Indian Egg Masala Omelette – 2 Ways
Dahi Chana Chaat Dahi Chana Chaat (Karachi Ka Mashoor)
Meethi Chutney Meethi Chutney for Chaat and Snacks
Salted Lassi Salted Lassi – Restaurant Style
Sweet Lassi Sweet Lassi – The Indian Summer Drink
Maggi Bhel Instant Maggi Bhel Recipe
Egg Keema Masala Egg Keema Masala Surti Style
Kesar Suji Halwa Kesar Suji Halwa | Rava Kesari
Watermelon Post Workout Smoothie Watermelon Post Workout Smoothie
Coconut Milkshake Coconut Milkshake with Milk
Lays Kurkure Chaat Lays Kurkure Chaat
Khatte meethe memoni aloo Khatte Meethe Memoni Aloo
Watermelon Sports Drink DIY Watermelon Homemade Sports Drink
Kachi Keri Ka Sharbat Kachi Keri ka Sharbat – Using Rock Salt & Rock Sugar
Watermelon Infused Water Watermelon Infused Water | Detox Water
Doodh ka Sharbat Doodh Ka Sharbat Without Custard Powder
Palak Paneer Palak Paneer Authentic Punjabi Style
Striped Butter Cookies Striped Butter Cookies – 3 Ways
Homemade Masala Paneer Homemade Masala Paneer
Palak Paneer Bhurji Creamy Palak Paneer Bhurji
Anda Mughlai Anda Mughlai – Surti Street Food Egg Recipe
Egg Pepper Fry Egg Pepper Fry – Surti Street Food Egg Recipe
Kadhai Paneer Kadhai Paneer – Easy Paneer Gravy Recipe
Paneer Masala Paneer Masala – Simple Paneer Recipe
Boiled Egg Tikka Boiled Egg Tikka with Masala Pav
Egg Kasata Egg Kasata – Surti Street Food Egg Recipe
Paneer Lahori Paneer Lahori Restaurant Style
Methi Paneer Bhurji Methi Paneer Bhurji
Hyderabadi Egg Masala Hyderabadi Egg Masala
Achari Paneer Tikka Achari Paneer Tikka – Homemade Smokey Tikka
Surti Anda Ghotala Surti Anda Ghotala – Street Food Egg Recipe
Hyderabadi Green Egg Curry Hyderabadi Green Egg Curry
soubise sauce pasta Soubise Sauce Pasta
Surti Australian Egg Fry Australian Egg Fry – Surti Egg Recipe
Mixed Double Layer Chocolate Double Layer (Choco+Vanilla) Cupcakes
Super Stable Whipped Cream Super Stable Whipped Cream
Oreo Cadbury Cake Oreo & Cadbury Cake Shake With Lotte Choco Pie
vegan mushroom cream sauce Mushroom Cream Sauce
cadbury shots cupcakes Cadbury Shots Eggless Cupcakes
paneer angara Paneer Angara Dhaba Style
oreo dairy milk shake Oreo & Dairy Milk Milkshake
chocolate cupcakes Chocolate Cupcakes
red velvet cupcake Red Velvet Cupcake
Peanut Butter Muffins Peanut Butter Muffins
Tutti Frutti Cupcake Eggless Tutti Frutti Cupcakes
Eggless Banana Muffins Eggless Banana Muffins
garlic paneer curry Garlic Paneer Gravy
cheesy mushroom omelette Cheesy Mushroom Omelette
Coconut Litchi Rose Sharbat Coconut Litchi Rose Cooler (Thirst Quenching Summer Drink)
Litchi Rose Cooler Litchi Rose Cooler
methi paneer Malai Methi Paneer
Mini vanilla Cupcake Mini Vanilla Cupcakes
Lasooni Palak Lasooni Palak | लहसुनी पालक
Gobi Matar Bhurji Gobi Matar Bhurji | Cauliflower Bhurji
Oreo Cupcakes Eggless Oreo Cupcakes with Oreo Buttercream Frosting
Soya Chunks Curry Soya Chunks Curry
Vanilla Cupcake How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes – Step by Step
Almond Cookies Almond Cookies
scrambled eg cup Scrambled Egg Cup or Bun
Cheese Maggi Cheese Maggi – Street Style
cheese schezwan maggi Cheese Schezwan Maggi
Sambar Sambar Recipe for Dosa & Idli
Keema Restaurant Style Keema Pav at Home
Chole Paneer Chole Paneer Ki Sabji | Paneer Chole Masala
Almond Cupcakes Eggless Almond Cupcakes (Eggless)
Whipped Cream Using Egg Whites - Swiss meringue cream Swiss Meringue Cream – Whip Cream with Egg Whites (No Butter)
Lemon Ice Tea Lemon Ice Tea
Watermelon Smoothie Watermelon Smoothie
Mango Melon Smoothie Mango Melon Smoothie
Watermelon Ice Tea Watermelon Ice Tea
Watermelon Apple Juice Watermelon Apple Juice
Tomato Paste How to Make Tomato Paste – No Preservatives
Tricolour Cupcakes Indian Tricolour Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting
Red Pasta Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes Red Pasta Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Peanut Butter
kiwi apple smoothie Kiwi Apple Smoothie
Gajar Halwa Condensed Milk Instant Gajar Ka Halwa With Condensed Milk
Cucumber Lemonade Cucumber Lemonade – Healthy Summer Drink
Watermelon Mojito Watermelon Mojito
Crunchy Peanut Butter Crunchy Peanut Butter at Home Without Sugar
Nimbu Pani How to Make Nimbu Pani Correctly
Mango Murabba with jaggery without sugar Raw Mango Murabba with Jaggery (Without Sugar)
Mango Kheer Mango Kheer / Payasam – आम की खीर
litchi juice Litchi Juice | Lychee Juice
Coconut Kheer Coconut Kheer | Nariyal ki Kheer
Mohabbat Ka Sharbat Mohabbat ka Sharbat – Delhi Jama Masjid Special
Carrot Kheer Carrot Kheer | गाजर की खीर | Gajar Kheer | Carrot Payasam
Watermelon Juice Watermelon Juice & No Added Sugar
Milk Mawa Milk Mawa using Milk and Milk Cream
Condensed Milk Condensed Milk Using Milk and Without Milk Powder
Instant Condensed Milk with Milk Powder Condensed Milk with Milk Powder
Gobhi Matar Sabji Gobhi Matar Ki Sabji
orange burfi with milk powder Orange Burfi With Milk Powder
Crushed Peanut Chikki Crushed Peanut Chikki
Poha Batata Poha Batata Quick Breakfast Recipe
Orange Burfi With Coconut Orange Coconut Burfi
Aloo Egg Curry Aloo Egg Curry | Anda Curry
Drumstick Egg Masala Curry Drumstick Egg Masala Curry
paneer burger Spicy Paneer Burger Patty
Cocoa Dip Protein Bars Cocoa Dip Protein Bars
Banana Choco-Chips Energy Bites Banana Choco-Chips Energy Bites
oats chocolate candy bars Oats Energy Bars – Roasted Rolled Oats & Honey
banana peanut butter & cocoa ice cream Banana Ice Cream at Home Without Machine
dates & almond energy balls Dates, Coconut and Almond Energy Balls
oats raisins energy balls No-Bake Dates and Oats / Oatmeal Energy Balls
oreo mousse Quick Eggless Chocolate Oreo Mousse
white chocolate coconut truffles No Bake Raksha Bandhan Chocolate Truffles
american buttercream frosting Eggless Whipped Cream | Buttercream Frosting
cream cheese How to Make Cream Cheese at Home in India
lasan chatkara Lehsun Chatkara | Chatpata Garlic
red coconut chutney Kerala’s Red Coconut Chutney | Thenga Chammanthi
whip cream using egg white Homemade Whip Cream (Using Egg White)
spicy maharashtrian chuntey Maharashtrian Onion Peanut Chutney
Oatmeal With Fruits Oatmeal With Fruits For Breakfast
Oatmeal Recipe Oatmeal Recipe For Weight Loss

Vijay Miyatra's favourited recipes


Image Name Ratings Difficulty