Rose Lassi is a cooling beverage consisting of yoghurt and rose syrup. It is another simple extension of the classic sweet lassi.

This lassi is a refreshing addition to the list of lassis. It is not just pleasing to taste but also soothing to look at. After mango lassi, this could be the next popular version. It is one of the best ways to keep you cool from inside out in summer.

Why Rose Lassi?

Lassi helps with digestion because of the presence of yoghurt/curd. Also, lassi prevents the stomach from bloating.

Because rose lassi also contains calcium that helps strengthen the bones in our body.

  • It is a delightful variation of regular lassi.
  • It is one of the best options as a coolant for summer.
  • No need to have any prior experience in cooking.
  • It is fresh and tastes delicious.
  • It is a quick and fuss-free recipe.
  • Great to include in your party drinks menu.
  • Lassi tends to improve our immunity system.

What is the Shelf Life of Rose Lassi?

It is better to consume lassi as and when made. It is not recommended to keep it for later.

However, if you still need to store this, making it in advance, you can keep it in a container. If not a container, then a glass bottle will also be good. Store this in a refrigerator, which will remain edible for two days.

For fun, you can store it in a mould in the refrigerator and later have it as a popsicle.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Add rose water or essence to the lassi for more aroma. Cardamom will work the same for this.
  • You can garnish it with dry fruits or drizzle some honey instead of rose syrup.
  • One can substitute rose syrup with strawberry crush/jam.
  • Avoid using a blender, and make this lassi using a hand beater if you can.
  • Add a little bit of milk to make the lassi thin.
  • Similarly, you can use chilled water or ice cubes for the same purpose.
  • Gulkand will go well in this recipe. However, you need to adjust the other ingredients for sweetness.
  • Add ice cream or whipped cream to make this more enjoyable.