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Arabic Chicken Harees

Healthy Arabic Chicken Harees Recipe

Arabic Chicken Harees is a Ramadan special dish usually made with meat or chicken and boiled wheat and barley. One of the healthiest food I can think of. Omanis like it with chicken, dry fruits, and barista. Whereas Emiratis and Qataris like it raw with meat and olive oil. Asians like it a bit spicy but Arabs love it light.

Green Mutton Chops

Spicy Green Mutton Chops Recipe

Spicy Green Mutton Chops, a well-seasoned side dish (starter) made with yogurt and freshly ground spices, making it a yummy and irresistible. It is one of the best choices for mutton lovers. Spicy Green Mutton Chops has semi-gravy and it can be eaten raw as well as with chapati and rice.

Cheesy Chicken Burger

Recipe to Make Cheesy Chicken Burger at Home

Cheesy Chicken Burger made with tender and juicy boneless meat coated in crispy batter with a spicy taste and topped with creamy mayonnaise. This taste is loved by all, especially children.

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