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rajasthani dishes

Rajasthani Food consists of the perfect Desi Element. Though it is anything from Dal Bhati, Kadhi or Ghevar. It’s belly filling, spicy, tangy and full of spices. These foods are so intriguing that seeing them will make you have it right now. Thus, we have brought here the compilation of these 15 Rajasthani for you. […]

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12 effective weight gaining foods you should eat!

Navratri Food Recipes

Touch cloud 9 with these yummilicious Navratri recipes.

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This Energy Drinks and Smoothies which you need to start your day with!

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tasty tuesday recipes

What does tasty food means to you? How you define your food is tasty or not? For me, tasty means chatpata, cheesy and masaledar khana. That includes my favorites street foods in Surat. It includes my favorite waffle ice cream too. And it also includes fish. When I eat these foods, I kind of feel the yummiest […]

instant breakfast recipes

Hundred times have been told by many people that breakfast is the most essential meal that will make your day totally fine. But who has time to follow the trend? Before a time, even I was waking up late in the morning & then getting ready for outside work. I had literary no time making food […]