Do you like having mixed fruit jam in the morning for breakfast? So, eat a healthy one. Here is the best mixed-fruit jam for you and your kids.

Buying Guide in a Snapshot

Sugar, Carbohydrate, and Protein value are per 100gms.

Image Brand Sugar / Carbohydrate Protein Pectin e440 Fruit Pulp Best Before Preservatives e211 Color/
nature-land-mixed-fruit-jam Natureland 16gms / 16gms 0gms Yes Yes 20-30 days No No
Amazon Price ₹193
Save: ₹17.00 (8%)
mantra-organic-mixed-fruit-jam 24 Mantra 50gms / 70gms 0gms Yes 45% 12 months No No
Dana no added sugar 12gms / less than 1gm Yes Yes 12 months Yes Yes
diabliss-mixed-fruit-jam Diabliss 63gms / 71gms NA* Yes Yes 24 months Yes Yes
pep-n-pure-mixed-fruit-&-spice-jam Pep n Pure 109.1gms / 110gms 12gms Yes Yes 1 month No No
kissan-mixed-fruit-jam Kissan 13.6gms / 14.2gms 0.1gms Yes 46% 12 months Yes Yes
pursuit-mix-fruit-jam Pursuit Industries 65.2 / 66gms 0 Yes 45% 12 months Yes Yes
ralisa-mixed-fruit-jam Ralisa 69gms / 70.5gms 0.5gms Yes 45% 9 months Yes Yes
splitz-mix-fruit-jam Splitz 70gms / 71gms 0.53gms Yes 55% 18 months Yes Yes
sfp-relish-mix-fruit-jam SFP Relish 82.14gms / 83.75gms 1.77gms Yes Yes 12 months Yes Yes
swad-mixed-fruit-jam Swad 75.1gms / 77.2gms 0gms Yes 46% 3 months Yes Yes
kor-mixed-fruit-jam KOR 70gms / 70gms 0gms Yes 47% 12 months Yes Yes
annapurna-mixed-fruit-jam Annapurna 66gms / 68gms 0.3gms Yes Yes 12 months Yes Yes

NA* is information isn’t available.

Our Choice

Natureland Organics Mix Fruit Jam

  • Daily need products for a healthy and energetic life
  • Taste of traditional fresh fruit jams with traditional jam making and preserving techniques
  • Best organic grocery
Amazon Price ₹193
Save: ₹17.00 (8%)
Our Choice (Sugar-Free)

Dana Diabetic Mix Fruit

  • An ideal choice for diabetics and fitness freaks
  • Comes in many flavors
  • Product of Poland

How to decide the Best Mixed Fruit Jam

Total soluble solids

The fruit jam is made of Total soluble solids like sugar, fruit pulp, pectin, acidity regulator, salt, preservatives, food color, and other substances. It’s not only the fruit that goes into a jam bottle but all these substances that elevate the taste and you can store in a cooler and dry place.

Sugar Level

Sugar is a combination of fructose and monosaccharides glucose. It gives a sweet feeling mixed with fruit pulp. The density gets thicker once added in the jam. Generally, the level of sugar should not be too less or too high. Because it balances the taste between sour and tangy of the jam. Here, we found Natureland, Dana, and Diabliss brands having good sugar levels. Besides, Dana is no sugar added jam perfect for diabetic people and gym enthusiasts.


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the human body. Carbs increase blood sugar more than any other nutrients. When you take carbs, they are broken down into glucose and it enters your bloodstream. The hormone insulin helps the cells in your body to take up this glucose and use it for energy. We did comparisons between brands and found it ranged between 16gm-80gms per 100 gms.


Protein is needed in your body to build muscles and also helps you increase your body strength. Generally, no single jam brand includes protein because jam is made of processed fruits and fruit pulp. It has not such nutrients and always good for snacking purposes.


Pectin works as a gelling agent used to solidify jam. Either of the two things is needed to solidify the jam-Pectin or Gelatin. There is a difference between gelatin and pectin. Gelatin is extracted from animals whereas pectin is water-soluble and derived from non-animal byproduct. Pectin makes all jams for vegans. The standards allow the pectin content of one percent maximum.

Mixed Fruit Pulp

You can only get pulp from citrus fruits. The pulp contains the juice of the fruit. Mixed fruit pulp contains various fruit mixes like blueberry, apple, pear, orange, grapefruit, and melon. The mixed fruit pulp used in jams to add a tangy flavor.

Best Before Months

Buy a jam that has fewer months of expiry. Because when the freshness of the jam will be there only for some amount of days. Prefer 20-30 days expiry marmalades. Moreover, mixed fruit jams are stored for minimum months because the fruit richness and freshness go away soon. The more it’s fresh, it’s good.


Preservatives are chemicals added to foods and beverages. It is also known as sodium benzoate. One can found these preservatives in many foods like sauces, fruit juices, cheese dips, and fizzy drinks. However, in most of the jam brands, it is according to the preservative standards. Brands like Mantra, Natureland and Pep n Pure does not contain any kind of preservatives.

Color & Added Flavors

Mostly mixed fruit jams are added with artificial colors to make it look more attractive when you eat. Choose a jam that has no added colors because we are not eating for the color, we are eating for the taste. Also, it doesn’t make any difference in taste so choose the healthy and organic one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jams

Let’s answer some common questions asked by people related to mixed fruit jams.

Is Marmalade a Jam?

Yes. Fruit jam or marmalade is made of citrus fruits like pineapple, apricot, mango, sour apple, apples, etc. It is prepared with fruit juice or fruit pulp. It’s tangy, sweet, and fresh and tasty. The basic principle to make marmalade is to spread over bread or waffles as elevating the taste.

What fruits are used in mixed fruit jam?

The number of fruits and the quantum of each varies for each brand but generally, the fruits like pineapple, cherries, grapes, pears, peach, berries, water, fructose syrup, apricot, mango, orange, kiwi, apple, papaya, guava, fig, lemon juice, and banana are used in a mixed fruit jam.

Is mixed fruit jam good for health?

Serving in a lesser quantity will always be good and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although marmalade is rich in sugar and very less in fat, often no sugar.  Take 1 tbsp of jam with bread and enjoy breakfast. It is sufficient and healthy too. Moreover, these fruit jams are for only for the taste as a different element on toast or bread.

What are some of the better ways to eat mixed fruit jam?

In spite of using mixed fruit jam as a spread, you can use it for making various recipes too. Make a smoothie jam, use in cake layers, pancake, waffle, rice pudding, jam-filled cookies, doughnuts, jam tart, and many other things.

Is jam junk food?

Yes, it is. Junk food includes sweet snacks, wafers, and chips, freezy drinks, fast foods, and jams. Jams including in these junk foods are called junk. Usually, junk foods are high in sugar, saturated fat, carbs, trans fat, and salt. They don’t include any nutrients.

Is jam good for diet?

No. Jam is included in the junk food list and it does not contain any nutrients. Also, the jam extract is rich in sugar. It’s should not be added to your diet but for some taste and sugar cravings, you can eat in less quantity.

Is there a healthy jam?

Yes, there are. Two jams that are healthy and are sugar-free. The one we like Dana. The jam contains no added sugar and good for diabetic patients.

I am pregnant and ate mixed fruit jam which contains papaya and pineapple. Is it safe?

Yes. it is safe. During pregnancy, you can eat something in a less quantity as it does not affect badly on your health. Eating marmalade for about 1 tbsp to 2 tbsp is a good quantity and safe. Still, do not consider this as medical advice and consult a doctor for the same.

Can I have a mixed fruit jam when suffering from gastroenteritis?

One should avoid marmalade or jam when suffering from gastroenteritis problems. During this disease, it is important to eat simple food to make your intestine and stomach heal fast. Still, do not consider this as medical advice and consult a doctor for the same.

Can Jam be without sugar?

Yes, there is a mixed fruit jam by Dana that has no added sugar in jam.

Can I make a jam without pectin?

Yes, you can. Instead of pectin, use lemon and sugar. Some fruits consist of pectins and it moderates on fruit types. Choose a low pectin fruit and lemon juice to make a jam and it will taste delicious.

What do you eat jam with?

Use jam on bread, cake rolls, waffles, and create amazing taste delicacies.

Should I freeze jam?

It is mandatory that once you open the jam bottle jar, keep it in the fridge and dry place. Also, use a dry spoon for taking a scoop from the jar.

What types of Jams are there?

There is n number of jam flavors like blackberry, strawberry, mango, concord grape, apple, pineapple, apricot, amla, and orange.

What is the most popular flavor of jam?

Strawberry jam is the most favorite jam among jam lovers. Other popular flavor includes raspberry, grape, blackberry, and fig.

How long does homemade jam last after opening?

Typically between a month to 2 months. Because homemade jam doesn’t use preservatives so the maximum you can store is limited.

What is the difference between jelly, jam, and preserves?

In jam, the fruit comes in the form of fruit pulp. This makes jam solidify. In jelly, the fruit comes in the form of chunks. Preserves are usually are jams that protect the jams. It’s the same thing.

Is jelly or jam easier to spread?

Jelly is easier to spread than jam. The jelly contains more fruit juice than jam so it’s very soft and one can easily spread on the bread. In jam, the fruit contained in the form of pulp so it’s thicker.

Are jelly and jam the same thing?

No, jelly is made of fruit juice whereas jam is made of fruit pulp.

Amazon India Best Selling Mixed Fruit Jam Brands

From best selling mixed fruit jams, we choose the top jams that enrich in taste and flavor.

Natureland Organics Mix Fruit Jam

nature land mixed fruit jam

Product Highlight

Natureland organic fruit mix is one of the best choices for buying mixed fruit jam. It’s refreshing and has a perfectly used pulping method.

The manufacturing of this mixed fruit jam is perfectly done with cooking, sterilization, pasteurization, and preservation of taste, nutrition, health, and aroma.

It’s a daily use jam for applying on bread, cookies, pancakes, or even cake decorations. Moreover, it’s an organic mixed fruit jam with perfect taste and aroma.

Furthermore, it brings the traditional fruit jam taste using real fruits. It’s an exotic treat to suit your taste buds and purity of the jam.

Natureland organics offers many other flavors like Mango Jam, Pineapple Jam, and Apple Jam. Because it’s the organic Jam, it comes with 20-30 days of expiry so one has to consume it within a month.

Best Customer Experience

The jam’s taste is on point and comes in a cute little glass bottle.The fact that it is organic and preservative free justifies the price.

Worst Customer Experience

The taste is worst. Waste of money.

Pros and Cons


  • Alcohol-free and organic
  • Traditional-made jam
  • Sweet in balance
  • Low carbs, good for health
  • No preservatives


  • The liquid form is more
  • Bottle not sealed properly, loose bottle cap
Amazon Price ₹193
Save: ₹17.00 (8%)


24 Mantra Organic Mixed Fruit Jam

24 mantra organic mixed fruit jam

Product Highlight

24 Mantra Organic Mixed Fruit Jam is a perfect Jam for home use. It’s cholesterol-free and fat-free.

Made with 100% real fruits and quite nutritious to add in your daily breakfast need. You can enjoy this Jam with multiple uses like eat with bread, toast, cookies, or pancakes.

The brand is originally from India and manufactures tasty Jams with ingredients like fruit pulp (45%). It has Papaya, Pineapple, Guava, and Banana. Moreover, it comes with organic sugar, pectin (stabilizer), and acidity. (citric acid).

Moreover, 24 Mantra Organic Mixed Fruit Jam has no added preservatives or artificial colors. It’s healthy and gives you homemade Jam taste.

Best Customer Experience

It’s got a unique taste and sometimes I wonder it’s really jam or halwa made of fruits. Must try atleast once.

Worst Customer Experience

The jam is totally unpalatable as it is so thick and just doesnt spread no matter what u do sheer waste of money.

Pros and Cons


  • Taste like homemade jelly
  • Organic & healthy
  • Unique taste & aroma
  • No preservatives


  • The jam is extremely sweet.
  • Very thick consistency.


Dana Diabetic Mix Fruit

Product Highlights

Dana is an origin brand from Poland providing healthy fruit jams on Amazon. This one is best selling currently on Amazon.

This diabetic mixed fruit is one of the healthiest Jam options. It’s diabetic friendly and does not contain sugar. Middle-age and old age people can also consume this Jam with no worry of increasing blood sugar level.

Therefore, it’s the best alternative to a regular jam. It is low on calories and perfect for the gym-goers and fitness freaks.

You can enjoy the sweet taste even in your diet days. Spread over the slice of bread of use while making your favorite dishes like cookies, pancakes, and even sandwiches.

It’s a good quality Jam with good color and consistency. One thing that plays as a disadvantage here is it has added preservatives and artificial colors that may hamper your health.

Dana diabetic Mix fruit comes with 12 months of usage.

Best Customer Experience

Good quality jam. Sugar also the reasonable quantity and not high. Taste is good.

Worst Customer Experience

Not much flavor. Pretty bland.

Pros and Cons


  • Traditional danish jam.
  • No added sugar.
  • Natural fruity taste.


  • Sorbitol as a sweet ingredient can cause abdominal discomfort.


DiaBliss Diabetic Friendly Mixed Fruit Jam with Low Glycemic Index (GI)

diabliss mixed fruit jam

Product Highlights

DiaBliss Mixed fruit Jam is diabetic friendly. Also, it’s low on the Glycemic Index and has the goodness of herbs in it. Therefore, it can help reduce the chance of heart attack, weight balance and it is rich in antioxidants.

Also, this Jam is good for strengthening immunity and enjoyed by everyone in the house.

Moreover, it is made from DiaBliss’ proprietary herbal extracts using fenugreek, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, pomegranate, and turmeric.

Overall, the taste is just like how a natural fruit jam will have. You can enjoy this jam with breakfast or snacks or a delicious treat.

However, this jam claims to be diabetic-friendly but it is using can sugar that is an extract from sugar cane. And it’s claiming sugar-free. This information seems misleading and not accurate as per the packaging.

Is it really diabetic friendly?

Diabliss jam is using can sugar that is an extract from sugar cane. It is claiming as diabetic friendly and first of its kind but ingredients have 63 gm of sugar. diabliss misleading information

Best Customer Experience

It has so many good ingredients that are good for health n sweetness is also optimum for people who consume low sugar.

Worst Customer Experience

No, it’s not good.

Pros and Cons


  • Low glycemic index
  • Sugar-free
  • It helps in weight balance.
  • Diabetic-friendly.
  • Made from several herbs and spices like pepper, turmeric, and fenugreek.
  • Spreads evenly on the bread.


  • Taste too sweet due to cane sugar
  • Misleading packaging


Pep N Pure Mixed Fruit Spice Jam

pep n pure mixed fruit & spice jam

Product Highlights

Pep N Pure mixed fruit jam is made with real Alphonso fruit ingredients. It’s sweet and spicy just how you like your jam to be.

It’s a delicious mix of fruits like Banana, Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Fig, Apple, Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla, Mint, Sugar, Lemon juice that you can eat anytime with anything.

You can enjoy this mixed fruit jam like toast, waffles, pancakes, milkshakes, chaat, cocktails/mocktails, and salads, bread, roti, paratha, or dosa for a wholesome breakfast.

Apart from mixed fruit jam, Pep N Pure is also available in many other flavors like banana vanilla, grapes preserve, guava relish, lemon ginger, orange marmalade, strawberry.

It’s completely vegetarian and you can preserve it in the fridge for 1 month. Because it’s fresh and organic and the best thing about this mixed fruit jam is that it does not contain any preservatives or artificial colors.

It’s healthy and has the best flavors and taste in it.

Best Customer Experience

Amazing product.

Pros and Cons


  • The sweet and spicy taste


  • Sugar is too high. Not recommended for diabetic patients.


Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam

kissan mixed fruit jam

Product Highlights

Kissan is one of the most popular Indian brands since 1934. This Kissan mixed fruit jam is made with 100% real fruit ingredients.

Easy to spread with a spoon or knife and go to every morning breakfast recipe like bread, roti, paratha, or dosa for a wholesome breakfast.

It has ingredients like sugar, mixed fruit pulp blend-46%. Also, it has a medley of flavors like banana pulp, papaya pulp, pear pulp, apple juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, mango pulp, grape juice.

Spread it on a crunchy cracker, roll it up with chapati and top up with whip cream. Kids will love the goodness of this mixed fruit jam.

Moreover, it contains preservatives, artificial color, acidity regulator, and thickener as well. It contains sugar and carbohydrates so may not be a good choice for diabetic patients. It has 12 months of expiry so it lasts longer but because of added preservatives.

Enjoy this treat for kids and youngsters.

Best Customer Experience

It tastes like elementary school. Good value for money and tastes great.

Worst Customer Experience

Product is good but it comes in the plastic packaging and is not good for health.

Pros and Cons


  • Old & trusted brand.
  • Good taste.
  • Less sugar.


  • Plastic Package, not good for health.
  • Quality is not up to the mark.
  • Added artificial color and preservatives.


Pursuit Industries Mixed Fruit Jam

pursuit mix fruit jam

Product Highlights

Pursuit Industries Mixed fruit jam is the best quality fruit jam made of fresh fruits. Make your breakfast delicious and enjoy real fruit experience.

Spread over roti, paratha, bread, or dosa for wholesome breakfast experience. It’s a regular use that incites hunger. It has more intense color not added with heavy sugar.

The fruits like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries are used in this mixed fruit jam. The mixed fruit pulp is 45% added to it.

Moreover, Pursuit Industries have other flavors of jam also available on Amazon like apricot Jam, Raspberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, and Orange Jam.

This mixed fruit jam includes preservatives and artificial colors to make it last longer for 12 months of use.

Best Customer Experience

The flavor is on point! And the color and texture is just something one can’t resist!
The quality, quantity and price point is surprising amazing!

Worst CustomerExperience

The jam has just colour of raspberry but it taste nowhere like it, it taste somewhat like kissan mixed fruit but very mild in flavour.

Pros and Cons


  • The color & texture is good.
  • Balance sweet & sour taste.


  • Artificial color and preservatives.
  • Synthetic taste.
  • Loaded with sugar & artificial flavors.


Ralisa Premium Mixed Fruit Jam (45% Fruit)

ralisa mixed fruit jam

Product Highlights

Ralisa Mixed Fruit Jam comes with 100% real fruits. It has a 45% fruit pulp in it and gives a tangy taste.

Spread over bread, roti, paratha, or dosa. It’s tasty and rich in nutrients and healthy jam with good quality.

The disadvantage of this mixed fruit jam is it has a very thick consistency so it can be difficult to spread over your food.

Moreover, it has added preservatives and artificial colors with 9 months of shelf life.

Pros and Cons


  • 45% of fruit pulp gives a tangy taste.


  • Artificial flavors and preservatives.
  • Thick consistency.


Splitz Mixed Fruit Jam

splitz mix fruit jam

Product Highlights

Splitz Mixed Fruit Jam is simply good and tastes better. It has 55% of mixed fruit pulp that makes this jam taste more delicious than ever.

It includes a blend of fine fruits, from the pulp of Banana, Papaya, Apple, Pear, Pineapple, Mango, Grape, And Orange blended into one lip-smacking jam.

Spread over roti, bread, paratha, waffles, or pancakes, and spoonful moments.

The only disadvantage here is it has added preservatives and artificial colors, thickeners so it is not good for diabetic patients. Also, it contains high carbohydrates so may not be suitable for fitness freaks.

The shelf life for this jam is 18 months that is quite long-lasting. Keep it in the refrigerator for keeping it fresh.

Best Customer Experience

Just go for it. Tastes better than kissan jam. Spreads easily on bread n chapati, unlike kissan jam. I wish they had other flavors too!

Pros and Cons


  • Nice taste.
  • 55% of fruit pulp makes a tangy and fresh taste.
  • Economical brand.


  • Thick consistency.
  • Plastic package.
  • High sugar level and carbs.


SFP RELISH Mixed Fruit Jam

sfp relish mix fruit jam

Product Highlights

SPF Relish Mixed Fruit Jam is tasty and delicious with exotic flavors. It’s easy to spread over bread, roti, and paratha. Roll it for your kids in their tiffins.

It has a unique taste suitable for both kids and youngsters. However, it is not recommended for those who have diabetic issues. As this jam is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Also, not recommended to fitness freaks.

Moreover, it has added preservatives and artificial colors with 12 months of shelf life.

Best Customer Experience

I purchased this jam last week. This was very tasty and yummy.

Pros and Cons


  • Safe packaging.
  • Suitable taste.


  • Over sweet in taste due to high sugar level.
  • Artificial flavors and preservatives added.


SWAD Mixed Fruit Jam

swad mixed fruit jam

Product Highlights

Swad Mixed Fruit Jam is made with 100% real fruit ingredients. It’s easy to spread over bread, roti, paratha, or dosa for a wholesome breakfast.

It’s good in taste but high in sugar & carbohydrates. It has ingredients like sugar syrup, mixed fruit pulp with a 46% blend.

Fruits pulp like Apple, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, and Banana are added into this mixed fruit jam.

The disadvantage is it has added preservatives and artificial colors that may hamper the health of diabetic patients and also may not suitable for fitness freaks.

The shelf life of this mixed fruit jam is 3 months.

Pros and Cons


  • Good in taste.


  • High in sugar level.
  • Artificial colors and preservatives added.


KOR Mix Fruit Jam

kor mixed fruit jam

Product Highlights

KOR Mix Fruit Jam is made with real fruit ingredients. You can enjoy this with bread, roti, paratha, or dosa for a wholesome breakfast.

Spread easily with spoon or knife on your favorite dishes and best for morning breakfast for kids. It is made of ingredients like sugar syrup, water, mixed fruit pulp (45%), thickener agent, and acidity regular.

As a disadvantage, this jam contains preservatives and artificial colors. So, it may not be good for diabetic patients and fitness freak who wants to lose weight.

It has 12 months of shelf life.

Pros and Cons


  • Natural sweet taste.


  • High in sugar level.
  • Artificial colors and preservatives added.
  • Plastic Packaging.
  • Available only in one size.


Annapurna Mixed Fruit Jam

annapurna mixed fruit jam

Product Highlights

Annapurna Mixed Fruit Jam is a melody of flavors from the blends of real fruits with exotic flavors.

Enjoy this jam with roti, paratha, bread, waffles, and enjoy the morning breakfast experience.

It has ingredients like sugar, mixed fruit pulp (45%), pectin, citric acid, and mixed fruit flavors.

It is not one of the well-known brands on Amazon and also contains high sugar and carbohydrates. The shelf life for this jam is 12 months.

Pros and Cons


  • Natural fruit flavor.


  • Artificial color and preservatives.