TastedRecipes is not about the recipes but the emotions behind the food. We believe the more love you pour in your cooking the tastier it becomes. We at TastedRecipes totally believe in it and we want all our readers to believe the same.

So, How it all started?

The story behind TastedRecipes so so much to share but will share the crux of it in brief.

Shabbir Bhimani wanted to recipes of her wife with the world. So he always had one website for it. In partnership with Fahim Lashkaria for ExcelDataPro.com, he found Fahim also has an interest in food and cooking.

This is how the idea of creating a website where every home-chef can share their recipes was formed. With time, we even started making videos and our YouTube channel is growing very rapidly as well. The inspiration for videos is from BuzzFeed’s Tasty channel.

Fahim had to move back to ExcelDataPro because it is his first love. So now Shabbir along with other Home Chef’s has moved on with TastedRecipes.

Why Home Chefs?

Every mom cooks the best food with tons of love for the kid. But do kids thank her enough?

Most likely the answer is NO.

We at TastedRecipes is not about the recipes but the emotions behind the food. So at TastedRecipes, we let the mom’s take the credit for cooking at home. Even she wants to share Dal Chawal recipe, one more time, she is more than welcome to share her own way of showing love.

So we at TastedRecipes have a focus on letting the mom take all the credits for the recipes. It may not be a unique process but love is definitely one of its kind in every recipe that we feature on our website.

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The Team Behind TastedRecipes

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Shabbir Bhimani
Lubna Shabbir
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