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30 quick and easy thirst-quenching Indian drinks for you to quickly get energy for summer in India. Surely you will love them like anything

Punjabi sabzi is a part of the main course of Punjabi cuisine. It is mostly eaten with roti or naan. Sometimes even with rice.

My favourite gujarati shaak recipes are drumstick curry, akhi dungri lasan nu shaak, aloo bhindi, gawar phali, undhiyu, sev tamera, etc.

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“What should I make this Eid?”. To help you easily decide your Eid menu, we put together tried and tested 6 Eid Biryani Recipes for you.

Celebrate Eid Ul Fitr with these desserts recipes. The recipes are easy to make at home and every age group family member will enjoy

These 10 Travel food ideas are easy to prepare. It’s healthy & quick bites during long drives. Snacks, Desserts, Main course and drinks.

Do you want to drink healthy and tasty milk today? Here are some milk recipes and desserts for you to try right away.

Mango recipes are made from both green raw mangoes and ripe sweet mangoes. All popular mango recipes include smoothies, milkshakes and more.

Are you overwhelmed while deciding on the iftar for Ramadaan? Worry not! This list of 100 iftar food ideas can help you for sure.

Dry Paneer Recipes are excellent starters and snacks. So, here’s the list of tikkas, burgers and nuggets. Let me know your favourite one.

Paneer Gravy Recipes are popular among Indian restaurants. Their lunch & dinner menus are incomplete without paneer. Here’s a list of you.