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boondi raita

Boondi Raita is an amazing Indian raita recipe to enjoy during any season. It’s crunchy, savory, bit spicy and full of Indian spices and flavors.

carrot raita

Carrot Raita is a sparkling and delicious recipe. One can prepare it with grated carrot, capsicum and mix with Indian spices. 

beetroot onion raita

Beetroot Onion Raita is a classic, flavorsome and delicious recipe. It’s easy to make, quick and healthy as well. It has beautiful color and taste as well. 

cabbage raita

Cabbage Raita is a delicious, healthy recipe to serve with the main course. It is crunchy, bit spicy, and full of flavors.

pineapple raita

Pineapple Raita is refreshing, sweet, and one of the fruity raita. Eat it when it’s freeze, and you will enjoy its fresh taste.

bottle gourd raita

Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Raita is delicious and healthy raita. Prepared with bottle gourd, curd, roasted cumin, salt, red chili powder.


Mint Coriander Raita is a refreshing, mint taste with the flavor of coriander. It’s a little spicy, cool, and fresh raita recipe.

apple raita

Apple Raita is a simple raita recipe to enjoy along with lunch or dinner meal. It’s Indian, vegan, and full of flavors recipe.

How to make eggless dark chocolate cake at home without an oven. Enjoy this recipe at home with your family or even vegetarian friends

Palak Kofta

Palak Kofta is a healthy Indian curry recipe with rich taste. It’s made of spinach dumplings and other Indian masalas. The buttermilk flavoured is nice.

Dalgona Coffee is a beverage that is made with whisking coffee, sugar and hot water in equal proportions. Then a layer is added afterwards with milk.

Cauliflower Kofta is a delicious Indian cuisine recipe to enjoy in dinner. The kofta balls are made of gram flour, onion, coriander, red & green chili.

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