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Creamy white sauce is also known as béchamel sauce. It’s a French recipe. Watch the recipe video. Learn how to make this French sauce at home.

Dudhi halwa in condensed milk is unique & equally sweet in taste like regular halwa. It requires less time and kids love the unique taste.

Dal tadka is a common Indian dish. Learn how to make it in chef style. It’s smooth, spicy & buttery. Watch the recipe video and make.

Gujarati kadhi has 4 variations. Watch the recipe video & learn to make authentic Gujju style mildly sweet white kadhi at home

Cheesy garlic bread is heavily loaded with cheese & aromatic seasonings. Watch the recipe video & make garlic bread exactly like those at the pizza stores.

Paneer halwa with cherry topping is exquisite, flavory & enticing. Watch the recipe video. See how to plate this halwa like a birthday cake.

Watermelon juice with rose syrup is an ultimately refreshing cool summer drink. Adding a pinch of rock salt can take the taste to next level.

Amla juice is bitter but when converted into a sweet syrup everyone will love it. Watch the recipe video. Learn how to make storable amla juice.

Gulkand strawberry milkshake is a creamy, flavorful & pinky refreshing summer drink. Serve during festivals & special occasions. Watch video.

Thabdi penda is a granular milk solid coated in caramelized sugar & flavoured using cardamom. Learn how to make it without using milk mawa.

Sev Mamra is a classic tea time Indian snack for ages. Use 8 different items to spice up a plain puffed rice snack.

Kaju pista cookies when baked with rose water gives a unique fragrance to the biscuits. Learn a secret trick to bake cookies without burning.