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Desi Chana Masala

The bengal gram are very healthy and full of protein. It keeps your appetite in control & as well as gives you nice ease on the stomach. After having it, you are going to feel relaxed & nice.

Egg In A Hole Recipe - Easy Breakfast Recipe

Sunday mornings with a lovely egg in a hole with a small toast of bread gives just an amazing feeling. The semi-cooked yolk running down the bread catches your eye. Combine it with a giant glass of fresh watermelon juice or orange juice to make it a perfect English breakfast. Another egg recipe that can […]

Goan egg curry

The curry has deep flavours and it’s a soothing fragrant dish. The spices make it just mouth-watering. It’s a staple food of Goa & is delicious. 

Peri Peri Egg Curry

You can enjoy it with hot Roti and some salads. This will be the ultimate curry of your life. 

egg ravaiya curry

This is very famous and made in Surat’s local egg shops. It is easy to make & really give you a new way to eat egg.

chicken chilli open toast

Chinese is globally famous cuisine and mostly many people love it. The fact is that it is always made with different taste in all countries.

chicken tandoori open toast

I love this toast for two reasons: it is amazing during your lunchtime & it fulfils your urge to eat spicy things.

chicken alfredo open toast

The toast is crunchy and creamy at the same time.

chicken teriyaki open toast

It’s totally appetizing & best in the category of starters. Make your dinner special with loved ones by feeding them something sweet in chicken.

chicken greek open toast

If you are looking for some amazing breakfast recipe which is mood refreshing & tasty then this toast recipe is for you.

chicken french open toast

A party pleaser snack item best for kitty parties and BFF’s night.

chicken mayonnaise open toast

This toast has minimum ingredients and mostly available at home. You don’t need extra efforts to make it. This is easy to make open toast. 2017-2018. Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.