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Shakarkandi Kheer or Sweet Potato Kheer is a sweet dish of India. Shakarkand or Sweet Potato kheer can be consumed during fast.

Til Gud Laddu is a sweet snack of Indian cuisine. It is a winter snack in India, especially made on the festival of Makarsankranti.

Surti Papdi Undhiyu is a traditional dish from the Surat region of Gujarat state in India. Undhiyu is a dish comprising of vegetables available in winter.

Papdi Dhokli is an all-time favorite for people in Gujarat. It has a sour and spicy taste with a tinge of sweetness in it. Also, a winter special recipe.

Sooji Ka Halwa is an Indian sweet dish & has soft texture. People in India use this as an offering or bhog for the deities in a pooja.

Crispy Methi Muthiya with homemade sauce is a Gujarati snack recipe with a twist. Prepare Methi Muthiya in a traditional way and top over the homemade sauce

Mexican Samosa is a unique Indo-Mexican recipe with a sweet and sour taste. It’s a different kind of combination of samosa, Mexican sabji, & Mexican sauce.

Boneless Fish Kabab Recipe

Fish Kabab is an amazing recipe and best for seafood freaks. Crispy, spicy and soft inside to impress your loved ones. Serve with green chutney and salad.

Pomfret Masala Gravy is a delicious curry to enjoy in dinner. It’s spicy, sour curry that you will fall in love with. The texture is smooth and rich.

Mutton Afghani Gravy is a creamy and delightful Afghani Recipe made with cream and curd along with only 3 spices; Black Pepper, Garam Masala & Chaat Masala.

Stuffed Kapuria with Green Cheese Sauce is a delicious Gujarati recipe made with a twist. It’s spicy, creamy and cheesy recpies & Gujarati fusion recipe.

Methi Chicken is a super delicious chicken curry recipe with the fragrance of fresh methi and chicken making it a completely new taste.