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Masala Aloo & Green Beans Sabji is an easy-to-make dish made with minimum ingredients. This dish tastes, spicy very good, and delicious.

Banana Peanut Butter & Cocoa ice-cream is a delicious, sweet, and delightful ice-cream. It is almost similar to a regular chocolate ice-cream.

Date & Almond Energy Balls are an easy, sweet, and delicious snack recipe to make. They are not only tasty but also very healthy to have.

Oats Dates Energy Balls are no-bake snack bites. It is a crunchy, sweet, and extremely healthy. These balls are an excellent source of protein and energy.

Unsalted White Butter is a food product that is made with whisking milk fats. It looks and has a texture very similar to whipped cream.

Tamarind Corn Chaat is a very unique and mouth-watering chaat recipe. It has a crunchy texture and is sweet, tangy, fiery, and spicy in taste. 

Oreo mousse is great alternative for regular chocolate mousse. It is an easy-to-make, quick, and extremely delicious sweet & eggless recipe.

Raksha Bandhan Chocolate Truffles are delicious and softballs made with white chocolate, cream, unsalted butter, condensed milk, and flavored with coconut.

Tamarind Onion Chutney is an accompaniment that people serve with South Indian Dosa. It tastes spicy and tangy and enhances the flavor of the dish.

Buttercream Frosting is the best frosting for decorating your cakes, cupcakes, muffins, or cones. It’s creamy, buttery, smooth, & silky in texture.

Cream cheese is a mild-tasting cheese that is prepared with milk and usually creams. It is soft and creamy in texture and tangy cheesy in taste.

Soya Manchurian is an adapted version of Chinese Manchurian. It is an Indo-Chinese recipe with the main ingredient of this recipe as soya chunks. 

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