A glass of apple lassi a day keeps the freshness in your way! Yes, I know a bad spin-off of a saying about apples, but it is true! The sweetness and the pleasant taste of apples are a great companion to your lassi. In addition, the apples’ juicy and somewhat chewy texture will be a delightful addition to the lassi.

Lassi can be consumed all year but is most famous during summer. Apple season is considered to be fall/winter. However, you can enjoy Lassi flavours in other seasons, including many fruits such as Mango, Chikoo, and Banana Lassi.

Apples start appearing in markets by the end of summer, and those apples are either raw or artificially grown. So I suggest waiting for fall or early winter for apple lassi’s best and most authentic taste.

How to Improve the flavour of Apple lassi

Apple is quite a simple fruit, but you can improve its taste in apple lassi in a few ways.


Salt is an essential yet valuable ingredient that will make apple lassi taste amazing. Add a pinch of salt to apple slices/pieces, then let the pieces soak in the salt for about 2-5 minutes. Do not let the apple slices rest for long; otherwise, they will get oxidized. Salt will go well with the taste of apple pulp and juice. Ensure you add salt to the apple slices and not in lassi or curd.

Salted apples will provide your apple lassi with a chatpata taste. Just taste the apple slice after adding salt and mixing to ensure the salt is not excessive. It will also reduce the bitterness of the apple (If any) from your lassi!

If you think you have added extra salt to the apple, then do not worry. Instead, add a pinch of powdered sugar to the apple to reduce the salty taste. Or use some extra sugar in the lassi to reduce the salty taste.

Note: If you have high blood pressure, avoid using salt. avoid using

Apple cider

Cider or soft cider is an unsweetened and unfiltered beverage made from apples. It contains the essence of apple taste. It may look or smell like an alcoholic drink but don’t worry. It is entirely alcohol-free. Cider will add a naturally sweet and crisp taste and intensify the flavour of apples in lassi.

Though apples are widely loved fruits, cider is quite different. There exists a slight chance that children may not like the taste of cider in lassi. I would advise if you are making it for children, then try to avoid using cider.

The cider is brownish, so if you use it, your lassi will get the colour. Though the colour is a little bit unusual for lassi, it will taste good if you like the taste of cider.

Apple juice

Apple juice is, in my opinion, the best flavour enhancer you can use in apple lassi. Though apple juice and apple cider look similar and seem the same since both are made of apples, they are different. Unlike cider, Apple juice is filtered, processed, and contains sugar and preservatives.

It is popular among kids, so if you use apple juice in the apple lassi you make for kids, they are more likely to enjoy the taste. Also, since apple juice already has added sugar, you can reduce the amount of sugar in your lassi.

Tip: Since apple juice and cider are both juices, you can make lassi first and then mix them afterwards. That way, you can avoid over-usage and add them according to your taste preference.

TR Extra shots

  • Add sliced or chopped apple pieces as a topping to the lassi.
  • Dry fruits like cashew and raisin will work great with the taste of apples.
  • You can also add bananas to make the lassi a little bit thick. Moreover, the banana compliments the taste of the apple.
  • Cherries and apples are a great combo. Use seedless cherries to top your apple lassi.
  • Strawberries can work wonders with the taste of apples. But, due to its seeds, it will also give lassi a bit of a chewy and crunchy texture.
  • You can mix apples with milk in a mixer and then mix it with curd for an extra royal taste.
  • Mint leaves will make your apple lassi more refreshing.
  • You can use 2-3 rose petals as a topping too.
  • For an exotic touch, the kiwi is a great companion for apples. Similar to strawberries, it will too provide a chewy and crunchy texture.
  • Cardamom powder is an excellent ingredient to introduce a tangy taste to apple lassi.
  • Though I am not using cumin seeds in this recipe, you can use them for the traditional taste of lassi.
  • Apple syrup will enhance the essence of the lassi.
  • You can add raw/green apple syrup for a mixed taste of apples.
  • Add some Rooh-afza on the sides of the glasses you are using to serve lassi.


Is it necessary to peel the apples?

It is unnecessary to use peeled apples just because I am using them in this recipe. You can use apples without peeling them. That way, you will also have nutrition from the apple peel. The apple peel will also add a little bit of a tangy taste.

Can I use a raw/green apple?

Of course, you can! Raw/green apples will taste comparatively sour. If you are a fan of sour taste, then raw/green apple is a way to go. You may want to use a little bit of extra sugar (1/2 to 1 tablespoon) to balance out the sour taste of the apple.

Why does my apple lassi taste bitter?

A natural substance called tannin causes a bitter taste in the apple, which is present in both skin and flesh of the apple. Usually, it is in a lower amount, but if an apple is past its prime ripeness, it may be higher. If you want to reduce the bitter taste, peeling the apple is an excellent option.

If, even after using peeled apple, the lassi tastes bitter, then add some sugar to reduce the bitterness.

How to stop the oxidization of apples?

If you have already cut apples which you will use later, the pieces will get brown. This process is called oxidization. It can cause a loss in taste, moisture, and nutritional value. To save your apple from this, it is advisable to use them immediately after cutting.

One method to deal with oxidization is to spray or brush the juices of citrus fruits such as Lime, orange or pineapple on apple slices. You can prolong the oxidization of apple slices but can not avoid it. So consume/use apple as soon as you cut it.

Which fruits taste good with an apple in apple lassi?

Grapes are a good company for apples; you can use a couple as a topping in apple lassi. The juices complement each other very well. Blackberries are also a considerable option to use in apple lassi. Cut them and place 3-4 pieces on the apple lassi.