Mango Lassi is another one of the numerous variations of the fruit lassi. This variation is probably the most popular and loved because mango is one of the most liked fruit by Indians.

Mango has always been the king of fruits. We make so many things from mangoes like Aam Panna, mango melon smoothiemango smoothie, raw mango juice, mango milkshake, and whatnot, especially for cooling your summer days. Therefore, one more coolant was added to the list using mangoes. It is just fitting to do so.

Why Mango Lassi?

This drink needs no prompting to get consumed by people as it is. Still, down below are some reasons to give it a try regardless.

  • It is one of the best lassi variations loved by everyone.
  • You can have it for breakfast or before a workout.
  • It is a simple and delicious drink to have in summer.
  • Moreover, it is a no-cook recipe as well.
  • It is fresh and tastes delicious.
  • This is just as healthy as a smoothie.
  • It is a quick and fuss-free recipe.
  • No need to have any prior experience in cooking.

TR’s Extra Shots:

  • You can make this in advance and store it for later. However, it is better to consume this 24 hours after making it.
  • You can even pour them into moulds and store them in the refrigerator. Enjoy this as popsicles.
  • Add saffron, cardamom, or similar spices to make it more delightful.
  • Similarly, you can add some chopped nuts for the same purpose.
  • One can use rose water or some essence to make it aromatic.
  • Serve it chilled with a scoopful of ice cream or whipped cream to make it richer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make vegan mango lassi?

Of course, you can make it in a vegan version. You just have to replace the dairy ingredients with their vegan counterparts. You even skip using milk altogether or use coconut milk or almond milk. Also, use plant-based yoghurt, almond yoghurt, cashew yoghurt or coconut milk yoghurt to make a vegan mango lassi. Frozen mango, coconut milk, and yoghurt will get you the vegan version of the lassi.

What will mango lassi taste like?

Mango lassi is sweet, along with the taste of yoghurt. But you will also experience the sweetness and tartness of the mangoes as well. You can add more or fewer flavours per the ingredients you’ll be adding.

Is mango lassi good for having daily?

Mango lassi has several health benefits, like a smoothie, especially when sweetened with honey or dates. This also is great for consumption when you are on a diet. Hence, unless you are lactose-intolerant, this should pose no problem for your health.

Can I use water in this instead of milk?

Yes, you can add water, especially if you do not want a thicker consistency. However, using chilled water or ice cubes will be better. Bear in mind that it will make it less rich.

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