Fresh Raw Mango Juice is an electrifying & soothing drink for summer. It cools your body and quenches your thirst. Just a few ingredients and it’s done.

This juice is made in two different ways; one is boiling the raw mango and another by directly using raw mango. I prefer using raw mango directly because of the boiling taste of raw mango changes.

Raw mangoes or kachi Keri keeps your body hydrated. Thus it can be a perfect choice for iftar during Ramadan as it falls in the summer season.

Fasting for about 15-17 hours without food and water, this drink will help you regulate your body and save you from heatstroke.

Similar to Gur ka Sharbat, this recipe is also a hot favorite in summer at our home. My mom used to make this Kachi Keri Sharbat when we use to come back from school during summer.

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