Fennel seeds sharbat or Variyali Sharbat is a popular summer drink of Gujarat. This sharbat requires only 3 ingredients. Fennel seeds, water, and sugar syrup.

It is May and Summer is at its peak. Afternoons are extremely hot and you need cautious while going out in the sun. It is a super coolant for your body during the days of extreme heat strokes.

During summer, Variyali Sharbat helps the body stay hydrated and thus can be used as an iftar drink to break the fast in the evening. You might have your parents, elders urging to have this drink at least once during hot days.

Fennel seeds belong to the Indian spice family. It is a very versatile spice. Used in different types of preparations like mukhwas (mouth-freshener), pickles, food dishes, and cooking masalas. You will surely them in every Indian home.

You will find fennel seeds as a mouth freshener in many Indian houses. It cleanses your mouth and gives instant cool impact on your body.

  • Protects you from heatstroke and one of the healthiest drink.
  • Consists of nutrients like pottessium, magnasium, vitamin C & maganese.
  • Suppresses your appetite.
  • Beneficial for breastfeeding women as it increases milk secretion.
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Watermelon juice with rose syrup is an ultimately refreshing cool summer drink. Adding a pinch of rock salt can take the taste to next level.