Watermelon juice with rose syrup is a refreshing chilled drink in summer. Natural watermelon juice, when infused with rose syrup, gives a Thanda-Thanda cool beverage. If you ask me which drink is best for summer – my vote goes to the watermelon juice.

Undoubtedly, mango is the king of fruits, but then watermelon is the king of watery fruits. I mean, those fruits having Watermelon are rich in water content and offer a long list of healthy benefits.

Therefore, before sharing the easiest summer drink recipe, let’s discuss the obvious stuff.

Why Rose Syrup (or Rooh-Afza)?

TLDR; To make it feel a lot cooler in the scorching heat of summer and give the taste of Sharbat instead of Juice.

Watermelon juice having rose syrup in it is altogether known as Sharbat. Now sharbat is a Persian word converted to shorbot, serbet or sherbet.

Here comes the exciting part. Sharbat is immensely popular worldwide, including the Asian regions.

The standard definition of sharbat is syrup made using fruits & flowers. This syrup is further diluted using water, milk or soda & usually served chilled. A typical sharbat is non-alcoholic, and that’s the reason why children love sharbat.

Okay, now back to the watermelon juice.

The rose syrup is integrated with the tarbooz juice to add sweetness & flavour. The significance of watermelon juice & rose syrup is enormous in the month of Ramadan in the Muslim community. Another reason is rose being the most common sharbat flavour.

Above all, the flavour & aroma of rose is the main reason behind infusing it into watermelon juice.

Sugar Syrup: Can we Skip?

Of course, you can skip the sugar syrup if wanted. Doing it won’t make a massive difference in the colour & texture of this juice. But it will taste a little less sweet, but the rose syrup is a lot sweeter and will make up for the sweetness.

Now, if you prefer watermelon sharbat mildly sweet, then go ahead – skip the sugar syrup.

However, if you are using Rooh Afza instead of rose syrup, you will need the sugar syrup because Rooh Afza is not that sweet.

For those who like a little more sweetness, add sugar syrup. Either way, your watermelon juice is going to rock! Try it today.

Sugar Syrup: Things to Remember

Popularly known as chasni, the sugar syrup here is not the thick one. Indian sweets like rasagulla, gulab jamun or jalebi requires thick sugar chasni. There’s a reason why sugar syrup is dense in these sweets. The juice here doesn’t need a thick chasni.

Just boil the sugar till it melts. Simmer for a couple of minutes & put off the flame. Your sugar syrup is ready. If you keep on cooking, the syrup will become thick.

One more thing, avoid adding hot sugar syrup. Allow it to cool down completely. To speed up the cooling process, empty the syrup in another vessel. The serving plate is ideal because it is flat & shallow.

Follow these tips & share them with others. Now we move on to the ingredient list and then the making process.

Watermelon Juice Ingredients

The watermelon juice is not only refreshing, but it keeps our body hydrated in the scorching summer heat. Since it is scorching heat here in India, watermelon is at your rescue from March to May. Let’s see what do we need:


The quantity of water is essential in the watermelon juice using rose syrup. If you add more, the sharbat will become dilute & if water is less, it will taste too sweet. Hence, add water gradually if possible use chilled water. Sharbat’s taste great when served chill.


We are not directly adding sugar powder or granules. Instead of raw sugar, we are using sugar syrup. In this recipe, 120 gram (approx 1 cup) sugar is ideal for such an enormous watermelon juice volume.


Use fresh watermelons. If possible, chill melons for 4 to 6 hours before using them. Cut, chop & make small chunks out of the watermelon fruit. Remove seeds. That’s it.

Rose Syrup

In this sharbat, 250ml rose syrup is needed. Remember, we need rose syrup and not pulp. Hence, buy branded rose syrup for excellent taste.

Hamdard’s Rooh Afza or mala’s rose syrup are ideal choices. Go for it.

Final Thoughts

First thing first, it’s a no-bake, no-cook recipe. Chop the watermelon into small chunks. Use chilled water & ice cubes for a more pleasant Thanda-Thanda cool-cool taste and mix all the items in a bowl or a deep vessel. Stir well & ta-daaaah! Your watermelon sharbat is ready.

There’s no complex process or ingredients involved here. Every single item is available in your grocery store. Just add one teaspoon of rock salt if it’s available with you. The sweet & sour taste will tingle your tastebuds & you will want more & more.

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