The sweet & savoury Litchi Juice is not only refreshing but also healthy. This juicy white fruit is a powerhouse of nutrition.

It is essential to realise that nutritious food is a scarce resource in our daily lives. However, we must be thankful for the litchi fruit. It offers us more than we expect.

Benefits of Litchi Juice

Like I said above, this rough skin fruit brings much-needed vitamins & proteins to the table. So, there are many benefits this red skin fruit has.

Just a glass of litchi juice will refresh & boost your entire day. The best part about this fruit is it is not limited to only juice. You can make different types of mocktails. With this in mind, litchi fruit juice works well with other fruit juices. However, it tastes better when combined with other fruit juices.

Another critical point here is everyone loves litchi – an adult, a kid or an aged person. In short, litchi is beneficial to people of all age groups. Since we are now getting to know the litchi fruit, here’s a brief history.

Brief History of Litchi Fruit

Litchi is a Chinese fruit that belongs to the soapberry family. The fun part is it has got a surname, Sapindaceae. To put it differently, it is Litchi Sapindaceae. Okay, don’t worry about the surname because litchi is deliciously sweet.

According to Wikipedia, it is a tropical tree native to southeastern China’s Guangdong & Fujian provinces. In these regions, litchi cultivation is documented from the 11th century. Therefore, China is the leading producer of lychees. At the same time, countries like India, South Africa, Thailand etc., welcomed this pinky little fruit.

Not to mention this is the biggest reason why people have turned litchi into flavoury creations.

Henceforth, let me share with you a simple & hassle-free recipe today. Additionally, there’s nothing to cook in here. Just mix, match and BAM! Your litchi juice is ready. So let’s get started with the item list.

Can I Store My Litchi Juice?

Of course, you can store it, but not for a long time. Use a glass container, glass, bowl or jug to keep the juice. Additionally, put it into the refrigerator. Make fresh juice whenever you want to have it. Avoid drinking if it is in the fridge overnight.

The reason why I am telling this is big. Your litchi juice will change its smell & taste if you store it for a long time. When mixed with other ingredients, the storage time altogether becomes less. Do one thing. The next time you make this juice, store half a glass in the fridge.

The next day you will experience a foul smell. There’s nothing wrong with the fruit or the making process. It’s just that the fruit can’t sustain a longer storage duration.

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