We can have watermelon juice in 2-ways. Either you drink the watermelon juice, which has pulp in it. That’s a pulpy melon juice. On the contrary, strain the same pulp & extract a thin juice out of it. Both of them are tasty, natural & sugarless.

Making watermelon juice at home is a no-brainer. There’s no fancy kitchen equipment needed. On the other hand, we aren’t cooking. We are just taking juice out of fruit. Since there’s no cooking involved, there are no ingredients also.

No-Cook Watermelon Juice

If you look closely, fruit juice is not even a recipe. It’s simply fruit juice. Just as you squeeze a lemon and take the juice out of it the same way, we will make for watermelon.

The only difference is you cant squeeze a watermelon.🤣

Here the steps are necessary because we have only one ingredient. So let’s start with it.

Making Watermelon Juice at Home

Cut the watermelon into fine pieces by removing its skin & black seeds. Now use a hand blender or a juicer machine to grind the watermelon pieces. This way, you will get a thick watermelon pulp.

You can drink the pulp. If not, then strain the pulp to get clean & thin vampire red juice. If you don’t know how how to strain the pulp, then refer to the video. Click this link to watch Watermelon Juice YouTube Video. Go ahead.

But wait, there’s something more for you.

Additional Elements to Enrich Watermelon Juice

Ahh, this is my favourite part. I love twisting the taste of the ingredient a little bit. Let me tell you, natural watermelon juice is less sweet. Why?

We strain the pulp & remove it from the juice. What we get is thin liquid juice without pulp. This way, it becomes less sweet, which you may or may not like. But there’s a slight twist to enrich the flavour of your plain melon juice. How? Keep reading.

Drinking natural fruit juice is always a healthy choice. Agree. Still, a few add-ons won’t destroy the original taste & minerals in it. Mix & match the following items. You will enjoy it as well.

#1 Rock Salt

A pinch of rock salt in a glass full of watermelon juice is next level. Rock salt will add a sour taste. A mix of mild sweet & sour taste will refresh your mind & mood. Toss some ice-cube to serve chilled. Plain salt will also do.

#2 Sugar Syrup

Like I said above, plain watermelon juice is mildly sweet. Add one tablespoon of homemade sugar syrup. Toss some ice cubes and serve chilled. Boil water & sugar till it becomes a little thick. That’s how you make sugar syrup at home.

#3 Rose Syrup+Milk

Add 1-2 tablespoon of rose syrup & milk to the juice. Toss some ice cubes. It is a popular Ramadan Iftar drink in India. Moreover, it is famous with the name प्यार मोहब्बत का शरबत. I like this name.😜

#4 Lemon+Soda+Rock Salt+Black Pepper

The combination is ultimate and commonly known as watermelon mojito. Check out the recipe video from our YouTube channel here. I bet you will enjoy this vampire red mojito.

#5 Only Rose Syrup

Skip milk & add 1-2 tablespoon of rose syrup to the juice. You get rose flavour तरबूज़ शरबत. Toss some ice cubes and serve chill to your guest. मेहमानो के लिए थोड़ा रखना क्यूंकि ये शरबत इतना मजेदार हे की आप खुद को रोक नहीं पाओगे.😄😁😆

So, that was it with making natural watermelon juice today.