Lemon Ice Tea is an easy, no-cook, and adaptable recipe. Although it’s a summer drink, yet you can have it any time and in any season.

It is a straightforward recipe containing minimal ingredients. Lemon ice tea has always been the most served beverage in cafeterias.

What is an Ice Tea?

If you serve your tea milk-less and with lots of ice, then you have your very own ice tea. Not only lemon, but you can also experiment with other flavours too—for instance, fruit flavour like watermelon ice tea. However, lemon Ice Tea is the basic of them all.

You first need to perfect the basics of this recipe to get the ideal brew. Then you can endlessly experiment with this recipe—Light-strong, sweetened-unsweetened, different kinds of flavours. Finally, you can try anything and everything with it. That’s what I like about this recipe!

Ice tea is gluten-free and a highly customisable beverage. Moreover, it’s easy-to-store and does not have preservatives.

Ingredients For Lemon Ice Tea

Only five ingredients are to be used, with three of them as primary ingredients. That is what makes it easier to make the recipe.

  • Lemon – Well, of course, this will be the main ingredient. We are going to need lemons for both the juice and slices. So make sure to get enough lemons, and they must be juicy enough.
  • Honey – Generally, sugar is in use for sweetening the ice tea. But we are using honey instead to give you some health benefits and protect you from the heat. But, of course, if you want, you can use sugar, both powdered and otherwise.
  • Tea – Regular tea that you use every day is alright to use here. If not that, then use tea bags to make this. However, then the process of making this tea will be different.
  • Mint Leaves – This ingredient will add more freshness and slight natural sweetness from the leaves to the tea. But you can skip this if you do not want it.
  • Ice Cubes – You cannot chill the ice tea without ice cubes, right? Then it will just be lemon tea simply and not ice lemon tea. You get the option of chilling it in the refrigerator, but that will not be as fun.

Preparing Lemon Ice Tea

First of all, you need to boil water along with the tea in a deep vessel. Then, once the water and tea are boiled, we need to filter and let them cool down.

Then take a shaker and add the lemon juice, ice cubes, and a little portion of tea to it. After that, add honey and more ice cubes. Shake the ingredients well.

Lastly, in a jar, add lemon slices and mint leaves. Empty the liquid from the shaker and stir once. And your lemon ice tea is ready.

Lemon Ice Tea Using Sugar

In some of the recipes, sugar is added to the water while boiling. Tea is to be added immediately after the flame is turned off. Then we need to cover the vessel with a lid for some time and let the tea release flavours – called steeping.

Sieve it and then squeeze some lemon juice in it. You can adjust the amount of juice here. Then serve it in a glass with lots of ice cubes. You can use sugar syrup too. Just boil the tea and add lime juice and sugar syrup in the end.

Another exciting way to make this is to make lemon-concentrated sugar syrup. First, boil tea powder in water and keep it aside to cool. Then in a pan, take lemon zest/peels (large pieces) and dry roast them on the hot pan. It will add the flavour of lemon.

Add sugar to it and cook it with lemon zest for a minute. Then add water and make a syrup out of it. Remove the zest once done. Add this syrup to the tea and ice cubes later. Stir it once, and you are done.


  • You can experiment with different fruits like watermelon, peach, mangoes, etc.
  • The measure of ingredients here is adjustable as per your taste preference.
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