Watermelon Ice Tea is a unique cooling drink for the summer.  This recipe is adapted and altered with watermelon from the original Iced Tea recipe.

It is a combination that may not appeal to most people. But it would be sad not to try this mocktail at least once. One can come to like it eventually.

By far, this drink is better than a soda or soft drink. It will not be difficult to imagine yourself sipping this refreshment on a sunny summer day.  This drink can also be a great option when hosting a pool party in the summer.

Ingredients For Watermelon Ice Tea

The list here only has a handful of ingredients. So get the watermelons, and the rest is all good.


The main ingredient of the recipe. The size of the watermelon or the portion depends on you entirely. Just make sure to get the red ones.


We are using regular tea here. You can use tea powder or tea leaves to put it in. And the types of tea you want too. Again, the amount of tea you will be adding will depend on how strong you want it.


Sugar is for sweetness, but honey will be a healthier substitute. But, of course, the amount of this, too, will depend on the sweet buds you have.

Lemon Juice

It will give a lovely balance to the flavours. It will provide tanginess and compliments with the sweetness of the drink.

Mint Leaves

They are for garnishing purposes. However, it contributes to the freshness and adds to the overall taste. One can skip it, though! You can have any other garnishing you like.

Preparation for Watermelon Ice Tea

Making this summer drink is going to be extremely easy.

Boil water in a vessel and then add the tea, covering it with a lid. Remove the vessel immediately from the flames and keep it aside. It will be enough to release the required tea flavour. If you keep it for more time on the flames, the tea taste will overpower. Therefore, we will not recommend that.

Now, we are going to make the sweetener. You will need a deep vessel for it too. Add water and sugar to it. Then boil it till the sugar is melted and turns into a syrup. Add lemon juice as well. Keep this aside, too, to cool it down. Filter it through a sieve in the bowl.

Cut and deseed the watermelon. Blend the watermelon pieces into a puree. Filter this puree through a sieve as well into the bowl of sugar syrup. Combine the two liquids well. Finally, add the boiled tea to it.

Finally, all you have to do is serve it in a glass, along with ice cubes and watermelon slices. If you want, you can add watermelon chunks instead. Mint leaves or watermelon slices can be great for the final touch.

Tips For Watermelon Iced Tea

  • You can prepare watermelon puree and sugar syrup beforehand. Then you can combine everything when you want to drink it.
  • It is not recommended to prepare tea beforehand and storing it. Instead, do this only when you need to serve the drink.
  • You can adjust the proportion of all the ingredients in this recipe depending on the taste you desire from it.
  • Remove the watermelon, and you will get a classic iced tea.
  • Substitute the sugar with honey for a healthy option.
  • You can experiment with this recipe with other fruits like orange, strawberries, lemon basil, blackberry mint, raspberry, peach ginger, etc.

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