Watermelon Mojito is an easy, no-cook, non-alcoholic drink. It is one of the best coolants for refreshing our summer.

Any refreshing drink is always a welcoming relief for us. And watermelon is in itself already so much cooling. Therefore, having it in this form is just a plus, especially for those who do not want or like to eat fruits.

Now, originally mojitos come under the category of cocktails. That means that it includes alcohol. For example, the commonly used alcohol in watermelon mojito is rum.

But we are not using any alcohol in this recipe. So, this will be identified as a mocktail. We are, instead, using soda for it.

I am sure you are well aware of the benefits of watermelon, so I will not list it down here. Preparing this mojito makes achieving those benefits pretty interesting & cool (literally & figuratively😜)

You will be able to enjoy the perfect blend of sweetness, tanginess & fizz all in one. Hell, even the colour and its look is tempting enough.

Ingredients of Watermelon Mojito

The ingredients are readily available. The majority of the ingredients are available in our pantry.


Ther star of the show! ⭐⭐ Select a juicy watermelon & deseed it. If the watermelon is sweet enough, then less sugar will be necessary.

In case you are in a hurry, then make your family member cut them.😆 The next step would be to puree them for the base.


Mint is another cooling agent. However, it’s an excellent herb to fight the heat. It even makes the flavours more refreshing once we crush them in the drink. Keep some leaves aside for garnishing as well. Basil leaves are the next best substitute for mint leaves.

Basil has a strong flavour profile. Hence, you can skip it or use it less for a mild flavour.


Sugar is for sweetness. You can use any form of sugar, and it is optional as well.

You can adjust the amount of sugar as per your taste. What you can do is skip the sugar if your watermelon is sweet enough.

Honey is a healthy alternative, and it will sweeten the drink as well. Therefore, it is up to you what goes into your watermelon mojito. Go ahead & try.

Rock Salt

This ingredient will give you a subtle savoury taste.  It will enhance the combinations of flavours & make it tastier.


It will provide fizziness to the mojito. If you are not a fan of intense flavour, then avoid it. Use chilled water instead. Even other fizzy drinks will do—for instance, sprite.


We all know what lemons do in a refreshing summer drink. There’s nothing more to explain here. Use them as per your need.

Preparing Watermelon Mojito

Cut the watermelon in pieces and drop it along with all the ingredients in a jar, except soda. Crush them properly and serve the juice with soda and ice cubes.

We are combining and crushing all the ingredients. Yet, it can be prepared differently. Here’s how you can do it. First, blend the watermelon chunks to puree & strain. Prepare sugar syrup. Add them in glass & mix with other ingredients.

If you have the puree and sugar syrup on hand, then the preparation will be quicker. But one thing to note is if you are making it fresh, then make sure you have enough time on your hands. The ingredients need to be cool enough.

As stated before, this is supposed to be a cocktail. Hence, it initially includes alcohols like rum and ginger ale. But since ours is a non-alcoholic recipe, the only addition will be soda.

If you are experimenting with flavours, then dare yourself to substitute the zest of lemon with orange. Likewise, you can replace the watermelon with orange juice and get another variety which will be Orange Mojito.

Garnish it with some watermelon pieces or lemon slices and mint leaves. And you are good to go! 👍  👍

Storing Your Watermelon Mojito

Now the question of storing this drink arises. You would wonder if we can store this drink or not? Yes, we can, but not for long.

It is best if you drink it fresh. It will taste the best when fresh. Keeping it for long will make it lose both its taste and freshness.

But if you want to store it, follow few things. One way, as suggested before, would be to make the syrup and puree beforehand and store them. So that you can combine everything when you need it and it will still be fresh.

Another thing you can do is crush the ingredients. Add everything but leave the soda. Just add it while serving. (You can do the same with alcohol if you are using them.)

So, that was it with the Watermelon Mojito recipe today. Watch the recipe video for precise details. Follow the recipe steps with images. Compare them side by side while cooking.