Virgin Orange Mojito is an orange-based version of the classic virgin mojito. It is a sweet and tangy non-alcoholic mocktail drink for parties.

Mojitos are a type of mocktail drink which belongs to a cocktail category as it is originally an alcoholic drink. But this is an alcohol-free beverage for everyone.

It is prepared with just the lemon and peppermint. It is a perfect drink to enjoy in summer and to cool down as well. Also, they are great for parties, occasions, or just get-to-gather with your friends.

Orange juice is as it is a favorite of many people. And adding it into a mojito drink will, even more, enhance the refreshment and taste we experience.

We are using sugar syrup in this recipe. You do not have to add sugar or sugar syrup to the drinks if the oranges are sweet enough to provide sweetness.

We can also decide the proportion of the sugar syrup and orange juice as per our taste. If you want it tangier and less sweet, then increase the orange juice’s quantity in proportion to the syrup.

You can make this drink at any time you wish to. But the month of April will be the best time because you are still going to get this winter fruit of good quality. And also, you will be able to fight the summer heat with this fantastic refreshment.

This drink is also made in various varieties like orange mango mojito, classic mojito, mango mojito, and many more. You can use flavored powder or syrup to make this drink if the desired fruit for this recipe is not available.

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