Virgin Mojito is a Cuban refreshing and mood swinger drink made with lemon, mint leaves, castor sugar, and carbonated beverages like sparkle water, soda, or Sprite. The aroma of mint leaves and the tangy taste will make you fall in love with them.

I have tried Mojito ample times at cafes. But every time, I had a new taste. At last, I decided to make it myself that best suits my taste buds.

It is always about the perfect blend you make. You add anything more than it will spoil your taste. It will be unbelievable that I tried five times to get the ideal combination.

A perfect choice for a friendly gathering, a girls night or even a date. Kids are going to love this drink. How can we forget the hot summer? So, it is a multi-purpose drink. You can fit this on any occasion.

Lemon and mint leaves have always been to our rescue for acidity (acid indigestion/pyrosis) or upset tummy. Now, when you face these, try this.