We know you are in full vacation mode now and all thanks to the Diwali festival. Some of you have planned for long trips and some of you have planned for picnics.

We reach our travel destination & forget something back home in our excitement. But we request you to not to forget your daily love- Food.

We care for you and have curated 1o simple & easy travel foods for you to pack in your backpack & enjoy the homemade fresh taste.

These foods will become your instant hunger killing tools. Your road journey will be so much amazing. Just imagine. Doing fun with your family, listening to amazing music and eating some quick finger foods.

We thought to bring you joy whoever you go through food. Because food makes our life more exciting. Are we right?

Get paper plates in hand because we are serving you some cool dishes.

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1. Singapuri Rice

Travel Food Ideas

Travel rice is best to eat. All the Chinese lovers in your family will instantly gather around it. It is a little spicy in taste so to add some chilly talks during your trips.

2. Masala Arbi

Travel Food Ideas

Source: www.manjualskitchen.com

Arbi is Taro Root underground plant. This recipe is a blend of some good spices. It can be served with roti, puri or you can eat it raw. It’s a new face to your travel food ideas you can always keep in your bucket list.

3. Bombay Veg Sandwich

Travel Food Ideas

Kids are going to love these cuties sandwich. Your travel plan gets easier with not putting the effort into making this bread goodie. Don’t go for street food instead of preparing it in no time.

4. Crispy Corn Kebabs

Travel Food Ideas

Source: www.bearnakedfood.com

These are really appetizing kebabs. They are crispy outside and melting inside. It is a great choice for on the go trips. If you are vegetarian then add vegetable stock powder instead of chicken powder.

5. Fruit Chaat

Travel Food Ideas

Fruit chaat is a great healthy dish for your evening dinner. Instead of eating too heavy during your traveling days, eat light & healthy. Fruit chaat can assure you nutrient in just one dish.

6. Atta Jaggery Brownie

Travel Food Ideas

Source: www.cookingandme.com

We heard your wow backside your screen. It does deserve it. This one is extravagant travel food you will always crave for. This is a healthy makeover to your first love brownie.

7. Kuzhi Paniyaram Idli

Travel Food Ideas

Idli and chutney in your lunch box make you feel already overloaded with goodies. These are softly rounded idlis and have a nice texture to enjoy. Don’t forget to share it with others. After all, sharing is caring.

8. Bread Cheese Bite

Travel Food Ideas

Source: www.yummytummyaarthi.com

Super quick delish food is here. All the kids, girls and ladies taste the melting cheese with bread & make your travel tasty.

9. Methi Thepla

Travel Food Ideas

Source: www.cookingcarnival.com

Gujarati food lovers have the best taste buds in food. Methi Thepla is a little spicy, chapati & all-time favorite at home. This is the best travel food & we tell you why because it can be stored for 2-3 months.

10. Sabudana Thalipeeth

Travel Food Ideas

Source: www.onehotstove.blogspot.com

And last delicate food for your travel hunger plans is Sabudana Thalipeeth. This one is also a cool idea for your travel times. When playing mischief games during your travel time and accompanied by such crispy soft Thalipeeth is a great combination.

We really wish you meet the best adventures during your travel. These travel food ideas will really make your trip memorable and extra foodie.

Pack these healthy treats with you so as to avoid too much outside food & pay for less.

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