Rice Flour Nachos are our version of Mexican Nachos. Here, rice flour is a core ingredient instead of cornflour. They are tasty in flavor and crisp in texture.

Typically, nachos mainly consist of maize flour as its main ingredient. But here, we used rice flour. Also, nachos initially are just salty chips. Yet, we are adding some more flavors to them.

Maize flour is not much in use in Indian households and is also not readily available. Hence, these rice flour nachos are the Indian version and easy to make.

Nachos are a real party snack. It is very healthy and filling food to have. You can have it on the menu for your party snacks.

It is also quite versatile, which means you can add spices and seasoning as per your taste. Or you can have it in a classic salty way.

Nachos are accompanied by salsa sauce-a spicy Mexican sauce recipe. But it is not a norm to have it the same way. However, it is preferred by the people who love heat and spiciness in their food.

Other than that, you can have chopped vegetable salad with it as an alternative. Or can have it with ketchup or the seasonings we have used here.

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