Quesadilla from the leftover roti is the best use of the overnight roti’s. Veg Quesadilla is a popular Mexican dish with loads of vegetables and is famous in the US. It resembles a lot to tacos and is spicy.

Ideally speaking, a veg quesadilla is similar to the Mexican version of India’s sabzi-roti. However, instead of rolling in a chapati, present with folding the chapatis in half.

This type of quesadilla that we fold in half is known as a half quesadilla. If we use two chapatis and fill them in a sandwich or burger manner, which means placing the filling in between, it will be a whole quesadilla.

Typically, in Mexico, tortillas are typical to use. Tortillas are thin flatbread of wheat flour or of cornflour which in India is commonly known as Roti.

There are no definite ingredients for the filling of the quesadilla. However, black beans are more in use to put in it over there. Sometimes, one can also include meat and chicken in it. One can add avocado and cilantro to give it a pleasantly tangy taste.

So there is no definite recipe for this. You can even invent your version of quesadillas in your home.

Popularly, Mexicans enjoy this with famous Mexican salsa sauce. The sauce is much spicy in comparison. If you are a fan of spice and heat, then you should try it with that. So, schezwan sauce can be a substitute for that. Or you can get a Mexican dip to have it with.

One can heat Quesadillas in a simple pan, grill, or bake them in an oven. And you can enjoy it anytime you can.

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