Schezwan Sauce is a quick and tasty Indo-Chinese sauce recipe. It has a strong taste and a burst of flavors. It is also very pungent. This sauce is served as a condiment with almost every kind of snack.

The use of schezwan sauce enhances the taste and flavor of any dish. Notably, the Chinese dishes like spring rolls, schezwan fried rice, momos, fried chicken, cutlets, noodles, etc., that we like so much to eat.

The critical ingredient of schezwan sauce is dry red chilies. The beautiful color, spice, and hotness of this sauce are mainly due to these. Kashmiri red chilies are an excellent option to use for better color and less heat or spice in the sauce. You can omit to add sugar if you can bear with the heat.

The sauce can have a longer shelf life if it has more oil in it. The oil should be floating on the surface layer of it. It stays good for two to three weeks in the refrigerator.

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