Indians have a reputation in finding ways of using leftovers things. Especially, when it comes to food we are definitely guilty of the charge. Manchurian Idli is also one such innovation.

Indians love Chinese food. We may have adapted the cuisine but we have given it our own twist regarding the taste. What we eat today at restaurants or street food is our own adaptation of Chinese. Not the authentic one.

Manchurian Idli is the combination or fusion of Chinese and South Indian cooking style. Idlis are made into dumplings and simmered with Chinese sauce along with sauteed vegetables.

These idlis, here, are diced and dipped into Chinese sauce before deep-frying it. Then those are tossed into sauteed vegetables and more Chinese base sauce to make a bit of gravy.

You can enjoy this recipe as a snack or with beverages. Or you can have it as an appetizer or can carry it in your tiffin box. The choice is yours!

Everyone is going to love this recipe, especially children. It is a great way to make the plain boring idlis more interesting and to enhance its flavors.

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