Idli is no doubt a healthy recipe. There is little to no oil in this recipe. Not only that, it is made with protein-rich lentils. So idli tops the health department.

We have been eating idli for long enough. So it’s only natural that we are bore of the same old plain idli recipe, that has very little taste.

For the sake of variety and a change from the regular idli, people come up with different variations to make this recipe. Stuffed idli is one such recipe.

These flavorsome idlis are fuss-free and just as easy to make. And your kids are sure to fall for it, no matter how much they don’t like idli.

You can prepare this dish with whatever stuffing you want to have and as healthy as you like. This can be compared to an idli sandwich too.

We have stuffed it with spicy potatoes with the tanginess of amchur powder. You can add lots of green if you like.

Enjoy this idli recipe with accompaniments like Coconut Chutney and South Indian Sambhar for a great experience.