Dalia Upma is a popular alternative to the traditional suji or Rava upma. It is just as healthy and tasty as the regular upma we eat usually.

Regular upma is typically served to diabetic people and children as well.  It is very easily digestible and has nutritious characteristics. Therefore, these people are served more in comparison.  This variety makes a great lunch box option for everyone, especially for kids.

We are always in a hurry while preparing breakfast. Since Dalia Upma consumes minimal time to prepare and is easy to make, it is perfect for a quick breakfast even more so when you need something healthy to serve at the end of the breakfast table.

Keep in mind to be careful while adding water to the dish. If we add too much water at once, it will become sticky, loose, or runny. To avoid that is happening, add water as required and not at once. Do it slowly adding little water at once.

The vegetables we are using are also optional. One can decide what vegetable they want to add or not in the recipe. Coconut is a usual option for that but can taste well with it. But it does make the dish more healthy and nutritious. The added spices we are using are optional well.

In the regular upma recipe, we use urad dal or chana dal in the tempering. We are not using them here, but it is also an option to add.  And again, most of the time there are no traces of garlic in the Rava upma. But we are using it here to enhance the flavours. One can also add or garnish with cashews. Or any other dry fruit they like.

Enjoy this breakfast when hot along with ginger tea.

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