Dalia Upma is a healthy & tasty dish in the breakfast league. But, not only Dalia upma, we have a never-ending list of morning nashta. For instance, veg upma, masala oats, muthiya, dhokla, bhurji, etc., are a few to name.

The list goes on. In short, there are a variety of breakfasts to make your mornings delightful. With this in mind, today, we will be making Dalia upma. But before that, let’s discuss some basic stuff. Here they are.

What exactly upma is?

Upma is a popular South Indian breakfast item. The texture of the upma is pale white because of the rava (semolina/suji) in it. Apart from rava, you also get to taste additional herbs and spices within.

As a result, this dish has a loyal fan base in Karnataka, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. In other words, upma is the South Indian legacy.

Okay, now that we know what upma is, let’s continue with the Dalia upma recipe.

What is Dalia Upma?

The base of our Dalia upma is the broken wheat. In Hindi, it is दलिया, and in Gujarati, it is ફાડા ઘઉં. This way, broken wheat makes a healthy base to this recipe. That’s the primary reason why this upma is termed as healthy. Okay, wait, there’s something else.

To add a distinct flavour & aroma, we have herbs & spices. Not only this, but we also have vegetables like green peas, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

If you look closely, this dish is perfect in every sense. First, you have veggies in it, and then you have an excellent balance of spice & masala powders. Further, the taste, texture & aroma is enticing. Now, what else do you need?

Hence, if you are on a diet, this breakfast can kickstart a healthy day for you. With this in mind, let’s proceed towards making Dalia upma. We will start by collecting the necessary ingredients first. Here we go.

What we are adding to Dalia Upma?

Let me tell you that the item list is a bit long. But don’t panic. Every single item is available in your kitchen. Moreover, there’s no fancy item used for which you have to run to the market. One more thing, the list below is divided into sections for your convenience.

Main (base) ingredient of dalia upma

Broken wheat aka दलिया aka ફાડા ઘઉં is our hero ingredient. You can grind wheat at home using a regular mixer grinder. However, broken wheat is also available at Kirana stores. Remember, do not grind wheat to powder. If you don’t know how to make broken wheat at home, buy it from grocery stores.

Ghee (clarified butter)

Instead of cooking oil, we will saute our herbs & spices in desi ghee. Although desi ghee is healthy, still you can replace it with olive oil. It applies to those who are calorie-conscious. Otherwise, desi ghee is perfect.

Dry spice & masala powders (9 items)

A total of nine dry spice & masala powders we need. For instance, cumin, mustard, bay leaves, black pepper, clove, salt, red chilli powder & turmeric powder. Use standard measuring spoons to measure the exact quantity. Don’t add more than required.

Wet masala (5 items)

Here is the list of wet items we require. Okay, what we need is garlic, ginger, green chilli, coriander & curry leaves. Chop fresh coriander beforehand. We will be garnishing our final dish with coriander. Everything else is self-explanatory.

Vegetables (5 items)

All in all, we need green peas, carrot & potato along with onion & tomatoes. The green, red & pale yellow adds a distinct texture to your Dalia upma. Don’t skip anything if you have capsicum; chop 1/4 piece & add. It’s good for health.

Add water & salt as per taste & requirements. Hence, the ingredient list ends here & now we will go through the cooking process. Let’s begin.

Making Healthy Dalia Upma at Home

The cooking procedure starts with roasting broken wheat. Continue reading.

Roast broken wheat for Dalia Upma

Heat ghee in a pan & roast Dalia till it starts releasing a specific aroma. Keep flame low & stir continuously, or else it will burn. When done, keep aside.

Saute spice & masala

Take another non-stick kadhai or pan, depending on the quantity. Heat ghee & saute dry as well as wet spices & masalas. Temper them until aromatic.

Saute vegetable

Once you are done with sauteeing your spices & masalas, add vegetables. Do not add water. Saute veggies properly to remove their raw taste & fragrance. If the mixture is dry, then add ghee.

Add roasted Dalia

Now add the roasted broken wheat & water. Mix well & cover the lid. Cook till water evaporates or the Dalia is soft. Be very careful while adding water. Too much will make your Dalia upma watery. On the other hand, little water will burn everything at the bottom.

Your Dalia upma is ready. Enjoy with morning tea or coffee. You can even pack in the school lunch box. Surprisingly, kids will love it because it’s yum & tummy filling.

Can I have Dalia Upma daily for breakfast?

I love Dalia upma & I have strong reasons to tell you why.

We all know it’s healthy, but we don’t see why it is likewise. First thing first, it’s wheat, whole grain & nothing else. Second, there’s no cheese or high-fat butter. We are using desi ghee. Even cow ghee is a preferable choice.

On top of it, Dalia upma is a heavy breakfast. It quickly fills your tummy killing your junk food cravings. Hence, your daily calorie intake will dramatically reduce. Now that’s a pretty straightforward reason. Let me know in the comment section about your experience making Dalia upma.

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