Dhaba style anda bhurji, aka egg bhurji, is a popular breakfast item. Eggs are star ingredients in breakfast recipes, provided the recipe contains eggs.

The words Dhaba Style refers to the authentic Indian street food genre. For those who don’t know what Dhaba Style means, then let me explain it to you. Indians are particularly famous & fond of eating spicy cuisines & the world knows this very well.

The fun fact is if you give us Italian pasta, we will add namak-mirch & make it Indian Style Italian Pasta.😆

The same we have done here with the anda bhurji.

Take eggs, beat them, temper some desi spices (tadka) & cook till it is solid. Ta-daaaah!😍 The Dhaba style anda bhurji is ready.

Your Dhaba Style Anda Bhurji:

  • It’s straightforward to make; even a novice can cook it in no time.
  • Requires minimal ingredients that are readily available.
  • It has a balanced flavour of green chilli to make it spicy.
  • It is ready in no time. You can make it anytime and anywhere.

What To Add In Dhaba Style Anda Bhurji?

Like I said above, every single item is available. You don’t need to hustle around the grocery store in search of anything. Let’s see what they are:

Eggs, salt, onion & tomato

These four ingredients are regular ones. Finely chop onion & tomato so that it cooks fast. Saute them properly to get an even tangy & teekha taste. My family members like more onion & fewer tomatoes, so I cook that way. You can too increase or decrease as per your taste.

Cooking Oil or Butter?

It depends on the taste. I use both of them alternately. Sometimes I make anda bhurji using oil & the other time with butter. I have come across anda bhurji recipes where they use oil & butter together. In short, it’s entirely your choice.

Green Chili

Instead of red chilli powder, I prefer green chillies. This way, the texture of the recipe remains intact. The reason is red chilli powder overpowers the colour of other ingredients & the overall recipe too.

Whereas the green chillies, either chopped or in paste form, don’t hinder the texture—either of other ingredients or the entire recipe. Yet, if you insist on using the red chilli powder, then go for it.

Ginger-Garlic Paste

It is a usual component & one of the essential items in Indian cuisines. Typically referred to as adrak-lehsun ki paste is widely used because it releases a strong aroma. Above all, it tenderises the eggs. All in all, a little garlic-ky flavour is all we want in our Dhaba style anda bhurji.

Common guys, it’s our favourite anda bhurji, and you can make it in your style. Whether you skip or substitute any of the ingredients, still you will get the desired taste & texture.

Tips For Dhaba Style Anda Bhurji:

  • You can replace the green chillies with red chilli powder. Or add Kashmiri red chilli powder for colour.
  • For some aroma, you can add Kasuri Methi to the dish. You can also cook finely chopped coriander stems with the onions.
  • Some recipes have capsicum to it. You too can add that if you wish. If you do then finely chop them and cook them after sauteing onions for 2-3 minutes.
  • You are not to cook the onions completely till they turn soft. They need to have a bit of crunch in the dish.
  • Instead of using a ginger-garlic paste, you can either chop them or crush them and use them in the recipe.
  • We are using minimal spices. However, you can add more spices if you desire as they do on the streets. Coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, and/or special masala powder from the market for the same will be okay to use.

We have discussed a lot about this Dhaba style anda bhurji. Why not try it this Sunday at morning breakfast? How about that? Huh?😜