Maggi Anda Bhurji is an Indian fusion recipe of Maggi noodles and scrambled eggs. It is an easy-to-make, simple, and delicious Maggi recipe that one can have as a snack or breakfast dish.

I won’t be the only one who says they love eating Maggi noodles. Indians have an emotional connection to this food product as it has been an inseparable part of their life. But even so, eating plain Maggi noodles may become boring at some point, no matter how much satisfaction it is.

Therefore, we keep giving it our twists by changing the spices, adding vegetables, adjusting the cooking method, or making something completely new. The results of these changes are new recipes like cheese Maggi, tadka Maggi, cheese schezwan Maggi, Maggi canapes chaat, aloo Maggi nashta, etc.

Things We Need For Maggi Anda Bhurji

  • Maggi – Of course, we need this ingredient. How else are we going to prepare this dish?
  • Eggs – Our second main ingredient. The proportion of eggs with Maggi is adjustable as per your preference.
  • Oil – This is for sauteeing the ingredients. Any sort of cooking oil is okay to use.
  • Onion & Tomato – Both are to add flavours to the dish. Tomato is skippable if you do not want it.
  • Ginger-Garlic Paste – It provides the basic taste of the dish. You can mince them separately and add them to the dish.
  • Spices – Maggi masala will be dominating the flavours. However, we are also adding salt and green chillies to enhance the taste of the dish. The measurement of the spices is also adjustable.

How To Prepare?

Almost all the Maggi recipes are easy to make. This one, too, is no exception. Step one is to boil the Maggi noodles and drain the excess water from them. Then we need to saute onion in oil until they are soft.

Now we add ginger-garlic paste and mix it. Then it is the turn for spices and tomato. Mix everything and cook until oil separates. If you add more vegetables like peas or corn, it will also be added in this step. They may take some more time to cook.

Then comes the eggs. We need to break the yolk and scramble them. In other words, make bhurji. Once done, we will add the noodles and mix.

Lastly, we’ll add the Maggi masala and mix one final time. Presto! We are done. See how easy this recipe was?

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