Cheese Maggi is a delicious and cheesy twist to the regular Maggi. More cheesy, spicy, and delicious take to make the Maggi noodles to get an ultimate comfort food experience.

Maggi has always been a favourite and inseparable part of our meals. So I do not think that we need any special introduction for this comfort snack.

It is and always will be enjoyable to everyone- adults and youngsters alike, especially kids. However, we need to keep experimenting with plain noodles to make them more exciting and delicious. And also prevent it from getting too dull.

This recipe is less fussy and will be ready in no time. So let’s go and prepare this for an enjoyable time.

Preparing Cheese Maggi

Making this dish is no fuss and is ready in little time. For that, first, you need to heat the oil in a pan. Then saute the onion and the green chillies until you start smelling the aroma. You could also add capsicum at this step and cook them a bit.

After that, add tomatoes and saute them for a minute. Now comes the spices. Add salt, red chilli powder, and Maggi masala to it. Mix everything well and cook for 2-3 minutes. Do not overcook them, or else you are at risk of burning the spices.

Then add water to the pan. Also, add noodle cake, carrots, and peas. If you are using corns, add that too. Cover the pan with a lid and cook until noodles turn soft.

Once that is done, stir the content once. If you want to add oregano and paprika, then add them before stirring. Then place the slices of cheese over the noodles. Again cover it with the lid and cook until the cheese melts. Stir it once after that.

We are using regular cheese here. However, you can use the one you prefer. Parmesan or mozzarella is recommended. Cheese Maggi is ready. Serve immediately once the cheese melts.

Italian Style Cheese Maggi

If you want to have something different and light on spices then this is the recipe you need to try. This Italian version does not need many ingredients and still is delightful to taste.

First, you need to chop red, yellow, and green capsicum. Then you need to heat olive oil and saute grated/chopped garlic in it. After that, toss in some basil leaves as well and fry them for a minute. Lastly, add the capsicum and saute for a few minutes. Now you need to switch off the gas.

There is a twist here. Instead of adding grated cheese, we’ll substitute it with cheese spread. As for the Maggi, it will be needed to cook separately as per the instructions on the packet. It will be your regular Maggi for now.

Finally, you will be adding the capsicum and cheese spread mix over the cooked Maggi noodles. You have your Italian-style Maggi ready. Serve hot and enjoy. If you want, you can add Italian pesto sauce to the mix or any similar Italian sauce. Also, you can make this with Spaghetti pasta instead of Maggi noodles. But cook the pasta as per the instructions given.


  • Do not use vegetables that have watery content. Also, adding vegetables to the recipe is optional but recommended.
  • You can skip adding red chilli powder if you do not prefer too much spice. But we will recommend you add that. You can also add oregano, paprika, or some herbs if you like.
  • Add as much cheese as you can stomach—no restriction on that. Moreover, the cheese can be of any type, whichever you like.
  • It is advisable to serve and consume the dish as soon as possible or else the Maggi thickens once it cools down.

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