Here are Maggi recipes – a tribute to our first childhood love. We don’t need reasons to cook Maggi. We create reasons to eat it though! lol!

Dear Meri Maggi,

“You are the reason for our family smile, my late-night talks with my best friend. You are the reason the first time I made a smile on my girlfriend’s face cooking delicious Maggie for her birthday night. Every time I needed short breaks during this tiring lives, I had you.

You helped when I had nothing to eat at lunch while I was living in PG away from home. You were there to treat me a smile when having you in between the mountains trip. And of course, you are truly India’s best breakfast dish that has not just helped me but a lot like me. I am sure there will be stories to share by many just like me.”

P.S You are the reason all Indian loves you including all mothers.

I don’t want to make you all guys too emotional now. Maggi is the Indian trend. It’s our national food. So to make this meal so special for you, I decided why not giving a twist to your Maggi and explore the fusion recipes we can make every day because we eat it every day right?

Let’s jump into the world of Maggie. Click the images to get the full view of the recipe.

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1.Cheesy Maggi Rolls

cheesy maggi roll


Enjoy this Cheesy Maggi Rolls with crunchy vegetables filled in. This is the best Maggie recipe for kids and as well as adults at home.

2. Maggi Cutlet

maggi cutlet


By looking at the name, it sounds truly like street food. This recipe is an improvised version prepared with our favorite Maggi noodle. You can typically enjoy this recipe during your teatime. Also to improvise it more, you can also use this Maggi Cutlet as your Veg Burger Patties.

3. Maggie Burger


Why should only enjoy Mc D Burger when all the fun can be with our Maggi Noodle. Make this delicious Maggie Burger with a twist now. This is just a different recipe which tastes amazing than a regular Maggi Noodle. It’s solid burger burst in cheese and includes veggie patties made with Maggi.

4. Maggi Masala Tikki


You must have been eating Tikki a lot of time but never have tasted with our daily indulgence -Maggi. It’s the fastest making recipe prepared just in 15 minutes. So the next time, you are hungry, don’t just eat Tikki!

5. Italian Maggi

Italian maggi


I remember my college days when I come home & get instant Italian pasta by Maggi. As soon as I heard about the Italian concept of Maggi, I wanted to try it out. So here it goes, The Italiano dish with our desi Maggi Tadka.

6. Pav Bhaji Maggi


If you are Mumbaians, then nobody can understand your love for Pav Bhaji. It’s killer street food killing people with a spicy taste for ages. And now ladies & Gentleman, presenting you the most loved, spicy, Juicy and lemonish dish ever with a twist of Maggi- Tadaa!

7. South Indian Style Maggi


Vadakkam! Maggi lovers. Now your Maggi is in South Indian style. In India, we have so many loved cuisines and styles of food that you will just count on & on. And it becomes more delicious when you add style to your cooking. This recipe is an epic example of it.

8. Maggi Bake Dish


Heard of Cake bakes but Maggi bakes? Seriously? Now that is in town too. So in this Bake Dish, to hold the noodles together, it’s very important to add more cheese in it. And rest of the recipe, go and click on the image.

9. Maggi Bhel

maggi bhel


When I was in my childhood, I used to go to Mumbai and especially eat Chaats and Bhel over there. It was mouthwatering. Since then I have known the Bhel concept as it is always called Bombay Bhel. This is an again extra layer to the Bhel. Maggi Bhel!

10. Maggi Pakoda


Getting into the books of cooking diaries, and got this unheard recipe. It’s a lip-smacking recipe treat to your taste buds. Simply just cook this crispy Maggi Pakoda at your home and your kids going to love this while watching their favorite cartoon series.

11. Maggi Veg Omelette

Maggi veg omlette


If you are gyming then you must be eating boiled eggs for your breakfast. This recipe is for you egg lovers! The Omelette is wrapped with stuffed Maggi Noodle. Try this in the morning tomorrow & if you are not gyming, start your healthy days soon guys.

12. Open Cheese & Herb Maggi Sandwich

open cheese and herb maggi sandwich


Now it’s possible that you can make Maggi toast sandwich delicious for both adults & kids. We know how much they will love this combination. Crispy toast and soft Masala Maggi just taste so good!

13. Maggi Upma



So there is “MAA” in this Upma dish. It’s pure mother love cooked recipe. I thought to share with you an innovative recipe. Maggi Upma will be liked by adults and Dadi’s and Nani’s too. So much excitement for this!

14. Maggi Lasagna

Spinach_and_mushroom_lasagna maggi


Maggi Lasagna is a modern party food you can all enjoy at home together. It’s a mouthwatering recipe. It’s going to recharge your mouth with cheese burst and vegetables.

15. Maggi Spring Roll

maggi noodle spring roll


I love all kinds of Rolls. And it’s a totally exciting thing to try Rolls with Maggi. It feels good in the mouth when the sauces and cheese melt in and you get that yummy texture you can’t explain really.

While writing this post I was just lost in my lovely childhood. What are you waiting for?

Make any of these delicious Maggi Recipes, enjoy each suck and take a tour to your childhood wonderland. Don’t forget to come back.