Maggi Bhel is an Indian fusion recipe. It is made up of two dishes that is Maggi and Bhel. A lip-smacking dish, fuss-free recipe to enjoy.

It won’t be wrong to say that Indian have been die-hard fans of Maggi. It is proven by the number of dishes we make from Maggi like Tadka Maggi, Maggi Anda Bhurji, Maggi Manchurian, Cheese Schezwan Maggi, Maggi Bhajiya, Aloo Maggi, and so on.

While all these recipes are tempting, you need to put some effort into making them. Maggi bhel is just the opposite. Even if Maggi noodles are never ready quickly, this bhel definitely will. Therefore, you can treat this as an alternative to Chinese Bhel.

Why Love This Bhel?

  • It is a recipe specifically for kids.
  • Highly delicious to your taste palate.
  • Good choice for everyone.
  • Not spicy, instead chatpati.
  • A versatile recipe.
  • All the ingredients are from your pantry.
  • One can even serve it to guests.
  • A great recipe for beginners.

Maggi Bhel Chinese Style

As mentioned before, this recipe is versatile. You can customise it however you like. And what best combination than a Chinese style?

Maggi remains the same here. It would be best if you still roasted the noodles till they started turning brown. Apart from this, all the ingredients and steps will change.

Now, add all the sauce and spices you want to add with noodles in a bowl. Ketchup and Maggi masala are the preferred ones. However, chilli sauce, vinegar, and soya sauce will be okay.

You will also need to add vegetables like cabbage, capsicum, and carrot, usually used in slices in Chinese recipes. You can saute these veggies in a little bit of oil to eliminate the rawness. Or cut them into julienne. Then, the rawness won’t be a bother.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Peanuts – We are adding peanuts for extra crunch and some nuttiness. You can skip this if you want.
  • Sauces/Chutneys – For more flavours, you can add any sauce, from soya sauce to vinegar. Or our Indian chutneys like mithi chutney or pudina chutney, we usually add in bhel. But refrain from using those too much as it will eliminate the crunchiness of the noodles.
  • Tang – If you want some tanginess, the chutneys or sauces should provide them enough. But if you are not adding chutney/sauces to it, then a bit of lemon juice will be great. It will also not turn the noodles soggy.
  • Spices – If you want this more spicy, dry spices like chilli flakes, garam masala, chaat masala, amchur powder, etc., will all be good options.
  • Extra – Like other bhel recipes, you can add puffed rice to them. Cucumber, sev, and pomegranate will also be good to add.
  • Chinese Bhel – If you first boil and fry these noodles, adding all the Chinese wet ingredients like soy sauce, chilli sauce, etc., then you will have your Chinese bhel.

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