Sweet Corn Bhel (चटाकेदार मकई चाट) is a no-cook snack variation. Snacks are an integral part of a variety of cuisines across India. As a result, you will find different types of snacks when you travel to the Indian states. However, you will always find major and minor variations in the ingredient types. One such bhel recipe we are going to discuss and make today.

Today’s bhel recipe is among the popular snacks found on the streets of India. To put it differently, it is one of those street foods that is especially loved by females and children. Let me tell you that this bhel recipe has more to offer than the roasted sweet corn you eat from the street vendors.

With the above thoughts in mind, let’s start making the sweet corn bhel. We will start with the basics.

What is bhel?

In general, bhel is a quick street snack, including puffed rice as the main ingredient. It also consists of vegetables, and tangy tamarind sauce and has a crunchy texture. Bhels have vivid flavours that range from sweet, savoury, and sour to tangy.

As we all know that bhel is a beloved chaat of Indian people. If you visit the well-known Chowpaty beach of Mumbai you will find “Bhelpuri”. Hence, it is also considered beach food. The term bhelpuri is a synonym for chaat and snack foods made using puffed rice and other items.

Further, bhel can be made in two types viz dry (sukhi) and wet (geeli) bhel. A significant difference between dry and wet bhel is the liquid chutney that we use. In short, if you use chutney more your bhel will become wet. Today’s sweet corn bhel is dry, not wet.

Talking about sweet corn bhel, the corn in it is certainly the most versatile food. Boiled and roasted corns can be used in salads, soups, snacks, and even maggie noodles. This way sweet corn adds a multi-faceted usage in the culinary aspects.

Why you must make this bhel at home?

The sweet corn bhel belongs to the bhel regime. Apart from being healthy, this bhel has a wide collection of culinary benefits too. Here are some of them.

  • This sweet corn bhel is extremely quick and easy to make.
  • Ingredients to make this bhel are easily available.
  • You don’t need to cook anything except boil the corn.
  • It is perfect for people of every age group, especially for kids.
  • The flavours are perfectly balanced in this bhel.
  • Ideal for kid’s school lunch box. It is dry and won’t spill.

Preparing Sweet Corn Bhel

Like I said above making this bhel is super easy and quick. Since it is a no-cook recipe you will not require a kitchen or other classic vessels. There’s one exception here. You will need to boil the sweet corn.

After boiling the corn peel it off. Remember, they are hot and make sure you don’t burn your hands. Hence, allow them to cool down or keep them in normal water for a while. Don’t keep them in the fridge otherwise, they will become hard to chew.

Mix everything in a large bowl and your bhel is ready. Squeeze lemon on top and sprinkle chaat masala. Mix thoroughly and serve it right away.

How to make your sweet corn bhel more delightful?

The method to make sweet corn bhel in this recipe is the classic one. I mean it is the traditional method. But there’s something more you can do.

Okay now here’s the good part. You can keep on making different varieties of corn bhel by experimenting with different ingredients. Let me tell you how. Add puffed rice and crush chaat papdi. These two ingredients are heavily used in typical bhel recipes to add crunchiness.

Then comes raw mango, the green one. They can burst a load of flavours in your mouth tempting you to eat more. It will enhance the tanginess in the bhel. Add them if available.

Try these ingredients. Let me know your experience in the comments below.

Sweet Corn Bhel FAQs

What are the benefits of sweet corn?

Sweet corn is rich in high fibre content. Moreover, it is important nutrition as we know dietary fibres are essential for health, especially for digestion. Above all, sweet corn makes your tummy heavy and full for a long time.

Is sweet corn healthy?

Yes, sweet corn is healthy. It helps regulate your immune system. It is a good source of vital vitamins and nutrients. Dieticians have found it to be good for those who are losing weight.

Are there any disadvantages of eating corn?

There are no disadvantages to eating sweet corn. They are high in carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, sweet corn contains good bacteria that aid digestion and regulate your overall metabolism.

Is sweet corn good for weight loss?

Yes, it is an absolute food for weight loss. Not only good for people doing the weight loss but also for those who are monitoring their daily calorie intake. It makes your stomach full and decreases your cravings to eat junk food.

What to add if the cucumber is not available?

If cucumber is not available then skip and continue the process. Without cucumber, there won’t be a major difference in the taste.

Do we need to add sweet or unsweetened Bundi?

The bund that I have used in this recipe is normal aka unsweetened Bundi. The one that we use to make dahi raita. Sweet Bundi will overpower other flavours. Hence, don’t use sweet Bundi. Use the plain one.

List of sweet corn recipes to try

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