Sweet Corn Bhel is an excellent variation from the regular bhel we find on the streets of India. This sweet corn bhel is extremely quick and easy-to-make. It has a burst of tang and zest on your tongues.

This bhel recipe has more to offer than the roasted sweet corn you eat from the street vendors. There is a promising delight for you with this corn bhel. You will get loads of flavors and an enjoyable experience.

Normally, bhel is including puffed rice as the main ingredient. So this sweet corn is a nice change to it and something really fresh. The best part is that it will be ready in a snap of your fingers. It is that quick.

Corn is certainly one of the most versatile food products we have. Boiled and roasted, it has been used in salads, soups, snacks, and even in maggie noodles. So this is one more great result of its versatility.

The ingredients we need to prepare this dish is easily available in your pantry. Hence, whenever you feel like have something filling yet light, you will have everything on hand for that.

Raw mango, if available, will make an excellent addition to this recipe. It will enhance the tanginess in the bhel. Moreover, you can add crushed papdi if you want more crunch out of it. Go ahead and treat your taste buds with this wonderful chaat.

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