Sukhi Bhel is a street food consisting of puffed rice and chopped vegetables with dry chutney. It is popular in the streets of Mumbai as a snack.

This street food is great for silencing your hunger pangs when you are in the streets or at any given time. It is a less messy and non-fussy version of the regular bhel we eat. You can stuff your stomach with it as a quick snack when you are in a rush.

The recipe we have shown here is just one of the many versions of sukhi bhel people eat. Each version is unique and equally tasty to have. Just like this one, this dish will melt your mouth with a burst of spicy and tangy flavor.

It is a speedy dish to make. And if you prepare the ingredients like the chutney and boil the potatoes in advance, this will be done in half of its usual time. Furthermore, it is a really versatile recipe, and you can change the ingredients as per your likings.

We can bet that this dish will be making a place in your favorites list. It also is great to serve as chaat in parties and gatherings.

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