Poha Batata is a straightforward, go-to breakfast recipe. It is a popular dish in Maharashtra and Gujarat states of India.

It is a delicious and healthy food to have while feeling hungry. It is a standard breakfast option in almost all households. You are going to find different versions of poha batata in other regions.

Some people do not add the potato and make it with rice flakes. That is alright! It won’t make much difference in the taste.  Likewise, you can skip adding peanuts also. However, it will add a little crunch to the dish and a nice nutty flavor.

Here we are making it taste a little sweet by adding sugar. But if you like spicy, then you do not need to add sugar.

It is also a wholesome snack, and everyone loves to eat it alike. It doesn’t matter if it is a youngster, adult, working-class people or a stay at home person, everyone prefers this food.

Poha batata is also a great option to have in the lunch boxes. People also enjoy it having as an evening snack along with hot ginger tea. It is a must-try!

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