Dahi Poha Tadka is a perfect blend of curd & rice flakes with spicy tadka. The recipe name itself describes how it is made. Mix dahi with poha & temper it with spicy Indian masalas. In no time, a mouthwatering dish is ready.

I am like – टूट पड़ो 🤣

Okay, back to the recipe.

What is Dahi Poha Tadka?

Dahi poha tadka is a fusion snack recipe using two different ingredients – Curd (Dahi) & Rice Flakes (Poha).

Why am I calling it a fusion recipe? The reason is the two base ingredients – Curd & rice flakes. In India’s northern & southern part, the curd is popularly consumed in breakfast, lunch & dinner.

In short, even a simple curd & sugar mixture is enough to suffice their daily need. Similarly, rice flake, aka poha, is equally famous & widely smacked in breakfast & as snacks.

You may be surprised to know that poha is an inevitable part of namkeens (dry snacks) sold across Indian states. In Gujarati, they call chavanu.

Regional Importance of Dahi Poha Tadka

Dahi poha tadka is aka Mosaru Avalakki. Mosaru is curd in Telugu. It’s an essential part of a South Indian meal. On the other hand, Avalakki is Poha. There’s even a religious side to this recipe.

Telugu people specifically makes it for Krishna Janmashtmi as an offering. Not only mosaru avalakki but also freshly churned butter is offered to the beloved (muddu) Krishna.

We all know the significance of butter for Lord Krishna. And that’s why dahi poha tadka easily correlates here.

I still remember the time when I made it. There was no leftover. I mean, even I couldn’t eat because it was all gone. If you are making it for your family, then save for yourself beforehand.🤣

Ingredients of Dahi Poha Tadka

Rice Flakes

Ahh! Poha is the backbone of a morning breakfast recipe. It will be a rare moment of your life if you find someone who doesn’t love poha, aka rice flakes.

There’s nothing much I would add about poha since you know it very well. Just one thing – browse the poha kheer recipe. You will see a different style of eating rice flakes.

Urad Dal & Peanuts

Skinned black gram, aka urad dal & peanuts, gives a nutty flavour. It is a distinguished style of making Indian Tadka. I love the smoky-ish taste of peanuts. For this, you need to fry the peanuts a little more. I bet you will love it. Give it a try.

Spices & Masala Powders

Common Indian spices are integrated into this recipe. There’s no out of box spice or masala used herein. Except for sugar & chat masala. Both sugar & chat masala can be skipped.

Not at all mandatory to use. However, using both will give a mix of sweet, sour & tangy flavour. We know what chat masala does. Hence, I leave it up to you.


Two dairy products used here. Curd is, of course, our base ingredient. If time permits, make curd at home instead of packaged one. one more thing, use thick curd. Make sure it is not watery.


With curd, there’s milk too. You can skip the milk, but using it won’t spoil the taste. On top of it, milk will add a distinct flavour to the recipe without hindering the taste & texture. So, go with it.

Tips to make the tastiest dahi poha tadka

Everyone has their method of making this recipe. That’s what I have found in my research over the web. The best part is all of them are correct. I love how people come up with fun ways to make a dish.

Here’s a list of some helpful tips to make dahi poha tadka tasty better.

  • Wash rice flakes before using them so that they don’t soak all moisture of the mixture.
  • Use chat masala or pink rock salt. Don’t add too much, or else the curd will become watery.
  • Use thick curd if possible; use homemade curd.
  • Do not use hung curd because it has less water content & moisture.
  • Temper peanuts a bit more to get a smoky-ish taste.

Follow the above tips & serve a healthy breakfast for your family. Watch the dahi poha tadka recipe video to visualise the making process. You can also read steps with images to get a better understanding.

Let me know in the comments about your secret ingredient in this recipe.