Poha Kheer is a sweet dish that has poha or rice flakes as its main ingredient. It is also known as Aval Payasam in the Tamil language.

Kheer is a popular sweet food of India and is also very quick and easy-to-make. Therefore, you are going to find several varieties of Kheer.

Poha Kheer is also one such delicious variety. It is a unique combination of our traditional rice kheer.

This dish can be an excellent consideration to make for festivals or on an auspicious occasion to celebrate.

Poha’s other name is flattened rice and is readily available in India. You can use any variety of this flattened rice to make this sweet delight.

This food is excellent for babies or toddlers as it is very healthy and easily digestible. So it is good baby food. But it does not mean that it is just for babies.

Anyone and everyone can enjoy it. Remember not to put any hard ingredients like dry fruits if you give it to babies or older people with dental problems.

You can have it in dessert or just as it is. It can be served hot, warm, or even chilled. It will taste just as delicious as regular rice kheer.

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