Chana Dal Barfi is an extremely tasty sweet delicacy in India. The dessert mainly consists of roasted chana dal, sugar, and milk.

The amount of ghee in this sweet dish is less. But you can adjust the measurement as per your taste.

It is essential to roast the chana dal properly. This gives the recipe a nice flavor and aroma when cooked.  It also eliminates the rawness of chana dal which may not taste good when consumed.

Usually, classic barfi is made plainly with milk, ghee, and sugar. However, you can always find different varieties of barfi. Sweet potato or mango barfi are a few to name.

Chana dal barfi is one of the versions of it. Even if chana dal is usually prepared with spices, you are not going to regret trying a sweet dish out of it.

This barfi is a great option to have while you need to satisfy your sweet tooth or sweet cravings. The minimal amount of sugar and ghee in it will make you enjoy the dish without the guilt.

Here in India, chana dal burfi is a major dessert on traditional occasions. Wedding ceremonies are the one where Indian smack chana dal burfi the most.

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