Churma Ladoo is a famous festive sweet recipe of Gujarati cuisine. This recipe is also a traditional sweet delight of Rajasthani cuisine as well.

This sweet is made from wheat flour as the main ingredient. It also contains a whole lot of dry fruits too and is full of ghee. The best part is the ladoos taste sweet due to jaggery instead of sugar. Hence, you can say these ladoos are sugar-free. Moreover, it stores a high nutritious value for everyone.

Churma ladoo is a special delicacy on the festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in India. It is because of the belief that Lord Ganesha loved ladoos made from wheat flour or other ingredients.

The rare moment of this ladoo is you can’t find them in traditional sweet shops. Hence, you will have to make them at home all by yourself. The good news is all the ingredients are easily available. This makes it totally doable at home.

Because its main ingredient is whole wheat flour, it is also called as atta ladoo. Sesame seeds and grated coconut are nice options to coat the ladoos with. It will enhance the flavor immensely.

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