Wheat Halwa is a sweet dish made with wheat flour and jaggery. This halwa is soft, smooth, and somewhat moist in texture. Wheat Halwa is easy to make and requires minimal ingredients.

This sweet delicacy is mouth-watering and just melts in your mouth. Besides, it also is a healthy recipe as it includes jaggery to make it sweet instead of sugar.

North Indian people make this dessert, and it is a popular dish over there. Karah Prashad is a similar version of this dish. They serve this halwa in the Gurudwaras, and that is equally popular. Though, in that recipe, all the ingredients are in equal proportions.

This one can have after a meal as a sweet dish. You can also have this halwa just as it is. But, you can even eat this with fried puris. That is also a favorite way to eat it for the people of North India.

It is an excellent recipe to add in sweets list for festivals and occasions. However, it is so easy to make that one can make it whenever you wish. You can also add dry fruits and raisins to make it even more delightful.

People have this halwa hot or a bit warm. So if you have a leftover of this dish, make sure to heat or warm it adequately. It tastes best like that.

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