This Gujarati dessert is a delight for everyone, especially if you have a sweet tooth like many. Made up of broken wheat as its main ingredient, this dish is quick, easy to make and requires lesser ingredients. Even though, Lapsi is a traditional dish it has a lasting appeal to it.

Some people like to roast the broken wheat before cooking. It gives the dish a rich brown color and a nice aroma.

Are you out of time yet need to prepare a dessert quickly? Then Lapsi is the answer to your dilemma. A limited number of ingredients is enough of this recipe. You can even cook it in a pressure cooker to save more time.

Broken wheat is a whole raw wheat grain, cleaned and processed coarsely. The broken wheat is popularly known as Dalia. Cardamom, sugar, ghee and dry fruits is then add to it to make Lapsi.

People also call this sweet broken wheat dish Dalia Sheera. But you can also use it to make khichdi, upma or spicy dalia.

We can make it on any special occasion like a Naming Ceremony, as an offering to God, during various festivities and poojas. Basically, at any given time and occasion. Besides, you can also take it at any time of the day.

Many people believe that Lapsi is originally a part of Rajasthani cuisine. Yet, it influences both Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines.

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