Sweet pulao is a simple and really easy-to-make rice dish. Cooked rice is tossed in ghee and sweetened along with dry fruits.

Rice is a staple food for everyone’s meals. Besides, rice is one of the versatile food product that we can use in numerous ways.

Indians all over have different styles and ways of cooking rice. Not only in India, but you will find such a recipe in neighboring countries of Bangladesh as well as Pakistan.

This sweet pulao recipe is usually served on occasions in India. But you can savor this sweet dish whenever you feel like.

Typically, Mangalorians prepare this dish at weddings and festivals. But they use caramelized onions in the recipe. That may not sit well with some people. So they can have our version of pulao.

This recipe is quick and very easy. So easy that even a person who never steps in the kitchen can make this.

This recipe can be taken as a sweet snack or a dessert. You can adjust the quantity as per the requirements and can also pressure cook the rice. But it will be better to boil it to get the proper softness and texture for the rice.

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