Vegetable Pulao is a quick and easy-to-make spicy pot rice dish containing loads of vegetables. People make this delicious recipe with sauteed vegetables and spices with oil or ghee and cooked with rice.

This a lovely rice recipe that tastes best when cooked with Basmati rice and some herbs.

You can change this recipe and give variations according to your taste. The vegetable Pulao is kids’ absolute favourite and also a sneaky way to make them eat vegetables.

You can serve this effortless recipe as a main course or as an accompaniment to the main dish. This recipe can be a saviour when you have limited time to cook for your family or anyone.

There are many ways to make this dish. Therefore, it is prepared differently from region to region.

This versatile dish will not only offer your tongue many flavours but also will be light and healthy for your stomach. This dish is the best option when you need to utilize the leftover cooked rice or vegetables.

Vegetable Pulao vs Vegetable Biryani

I’ve experienced people believing veg biryani to be actually a pulao. They have cracked jokes about it or were really confused with the concept. And even if I love the nonvegetarian version of biryani, it is somewhat disheartening to see people have such misconceptions about its vegetarian counterpart.

Against the misconception of pulao always being vegetarian, people might be surprised to know that it too contains meat. Obviously, it will since it is believed to originate from Spain to Afghanistan in the Abbasid Caliphate. So that nulls the belief of vegetable biryani equates to pulao. While biryani is originally from Persia.

Even though, both are rice dishes and both are cooked with meat as well as vegetables. The procedure to prepare biryani is more complicated than that of pulao. Moreover, the spices/ingredients are more in number for a biryani than in pulao.

Unlike pulao, biryani also has a blend of spices and condiments into it. Pulao is less loaded while biryani is richer in texture and ingredients. Pulao do not have layers like biryani, it’s a mix.

Also, generally, a pulao is a side dish that people serve with the main course or some sort of gravy. Whereas, biryani is a whole meal in itself.

You can eat this dish on many occasions like parties, buffets or gatherings. When served with boondi raita, this will give you a perfect experience.

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