Paneer Biryani is scrumptious and tasty Indian rice recipe. It’s spicy and has an amazing aroma. Also, the best option for vegetarians.

We all love biryani and therefore, I have explored this amazing recipe for you all to try and never forget the taste of it. It is similar to Veg Dum Biryani but with some little difference in ingredients.

The exotic flavor of the Paneer Biryani is a way to enjoy life and dinner time. The spices mixed with veggies and cooked rice, the paneer will make such an impact over your tongue.

Also, it doesn’t take much time to prepare this awesome dish. A rich, fragrant Paneer Biryani is all you. need for a weekend dinner.

Paneer Biryani is mild and tummy-filling. If the guest is coming home, definitely this dish will play the best role of guest hosting.

At the end of the cooking, add a dash of saffron milk to enhance the flavor and also make it more aromatic and rich-looking. You will see the colors of this rice dish are popping out like anything.

So, let’s make this at home and let me know how much you liked the taste. Make this for your husband, mother-in-law, and kids. Impress everyone with this delicious rice recipe.

Who says Non-vegetarians have all the fun?

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