Spicy and delicious Paneer Pakodas is a finger food created with some twist. Paneer coated with tandoori masala sealed in bread and then fried. It is similar to Ravioli.

Ravioli are dumplings filled with cheese or other fillings between two layers of thin pasta dough. We have made a slight change in it and tried to make it with bread.

This recipe is really easy & gets ready in less than 15 minutes. All you need is some bread slices, paneer(Cottage Cheese), Tandoori masala, salt and oil for frying.

Ramazan in these years is during hot summer. We prefer to make things priorly and refrigerate them so that its not much hassle to cook in hot kitchens. Bread Paneer Ravioli can be your perfect choice.

If you have less time and guests are there. And you are looking for some easy cheesy party bites then tandoori paneer pakodas can be a sure option.

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