Paneer Suji Cutlet is an innovative Indian snack recipe. These are crispy, incredibly delicious, and easy to make snacks for tea-time.

Indians love to eat snacks. More so when having tea. Generally, the go-to options are biscuits. However, that can quickly get bland. We need some snacks that provide flavours to our taste buds.

But it is always so hard to decide on snacks to make. Especially the ones that are less fussy. We have excellent options like poha cutlet, poha rava vada, chicken corn cutlet, bread samosa, or corn kabab. But they are not enough, especially when it comes to kids. This cutlet recipe is the solution to that.

Taste & Texture

These cutlets are delicious. Even if we are making this mildly spicy, it still tastes fantastic. This is because we are just adding red chilli flakes in addition to the salt & pepper combination. There will also be a bit of nuttiness from the cumin seeds. You can make this as spicy as you want, though. Even can add garam masala or oregano.

If we talk about the texture of this dish, then it is firmer than regular paneer cutlet or paneer nuggets. But it does not mean it is not soft. On the contrary, the suji we are using will make the cutlet hold shape better and add crispiness to them. It also prevents the cutlets from breaking while deep-frying them. Moreover, suji will also have a slightly grainy texture to tease your tongue.

Another Method To Make

Ours is a more straightforward way to make these cutlets. However, there is another method to make these cutlets if this method is not okay for you.

First, you need to separately cook the suji in water, salt, and oil. Suji soaks water more, so we need to add more water. For 1 cup of suji, you’ll need 1.5 cups of water. Add suji once the water starts boiling, and keep stirring while cooking to avoid lumps. Lower the flames and cook until the water evaporates and it turns thick. Once done, keep it aside to cool down.

While waiting, prepare the paneer stuffing. Grate the paneer, and add all the spices, chopped vegetables, and other ingredients (if any) in one bowl. If you are using raw potato, then grate that as well. Mix everything thoroughly.

Now roll some balls of the paneer stuffing. Rub some oil on your palms and take a small portion of the suji base. Roll and flatten it first, then add the filling to it. Pack properly and shape it. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

For the final step, deep-fry them in a preheated oil until they turn golden brown and crispy.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Paneer – You can use any paneer you wish or is available to you. Or you can use black pepper paneer or masala paneer to add the flavours. Or substitute it with tofu.
  • Masala – You can add chaat masala or dry mango powder to it. It will give a tanginess and zest to the cutlets, making them more enjoyable.
  • Vegetables – We are not using any vegetables in these apart from onions. You can add chopped or boiled vegetables like potatoes, carrots, corns, capsicum, etc.
  • Ginger-Garlic – To make it more flavorful, add some finely chopped ginger & garlic. Just for some taste and not much.
  • Green Chilies – If you want to make it spicy green chillies are better.
  • Breadcrumbs – Grind some toast or bread slices if you do not have ready-made breadcrumbs.
  • Oil-Free – If you do not wish to fry these, you can either bake them or air-fry them.

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