Lilva kachori is a modified version of traditional kachori from the state of Rajasthan. Not only Rajasthan but kachori is also famous in the state of Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh.

Therefore, if you want to taste the authentic kachori, then you know which place to visit. Sounds like a plan?

However, visiting these places only to eat kachori is overwhelming, whereas you can make them at home. Yes, you can make kachori all by yourself with the recipe mentioned here. Before we begin, let’s have a word about it.

What is Lilva Kachori?

Lilva means green & kachori is stuffing wrapped in dough & fried in hot oil. Lilva kachori is no different than this; only the stuffing changes.

Lilva kachori is green peas stuffing wrapped in dough & fried after that. In other words, it means green kachori. It’s a tea-time snack.

Lilva v/s Regular Kachori

There’s no massive difference between both of them. The making process is similar, but the stuffing is unique. For instance, regular kachori contains potato, lentils or onion fillings.

On the other hand, our lilva kachori contains green peas & pigeon peas stuffing. Rest everything is the same.

13 Different Types of Kachori Fillings

Here’s a list of 20 different types of kachori with their respective stuffing. The items in the brackets are the primary filling material. Refer to the list.

  • Raj Kachori (boiled potato)
  • Masala Kachori (chopped coriander masala)
  • Khasta Kachori (mashed masala potato)
  • Pyaz Kachori (fried onion & flour)
  • Paneer Kachori (boiled paneer)
  • Matar Kachori (boiled green peas)
  • Dry Fruit Kachori (dry fruits & flour)
  • Dal Kachori (boiled lentils & fresh coriander)
  • Dahi Kachori (peas & lentils)
  • Moong Dal Kachori (green gram lentils)
  • Aloo Kachori (boiled potato)
  • Besam Kachori (gram flour & boiled potato)
  • Keema Kachori (mutton or boiled egg keema)

Hence, the kachori list ends here. If you are excited with the list above, then start with aloo kachori containing boiled potato stuffing.