Methi Thepla aka मेथी के थेपले in Hindi. Fenugreek leaf is methi & thepla means flat masala chapatti. However, that is not exactly what it means, but we will discuss it later. Right now, the question is – What’s the difference between methi thepla, paratha & chapatti? Read below.

Thepla vs Paratha vs Chapatti

The methi thepla dough contains chopped methi leaves. Not only chopped leaves but a variety of spices & masalas. On the other hand, paratha has stuffings in it. The filling lies between the layers. On top of it, we make the stuffing using a wide variety of ingredients. It’s total yum yum.

As long as chapati is concerned, it’s a plain wheat flour dough. First, small dumplings are rolled using a roller pin on a flat surface. Then, it’s roasted on a flat pan. This way, thepla, paratha & chapatti aka roti differs on various factors.

Now that we know the difference, let’s collect all the necessary ingredients.

Methi Thepla Ingredients

There are 18 items we need. You might skip a couple of them still you will need the required ones. Therefore, let us see which items we require to make tasty thepla. Here we go.

To Make the Dough (13 items)

Kneading the thepla dough is the first step. Here’s a list of items we require.

  • Flour – Theplas usually are made using wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour. Thus, regular wheat flour is all we need. On the other hand, gram flour will hold all the items together. Moreover, it will add the required thickness.
  • White Sesame Seeds – These seeds are a regular add-on. They make your methi thepla chewy.
  • Carom Seeds – Ajwain, aka carom seeds, are pungent & bitter. Additionally, they possess health benefits. Hence, don’t skip them.
  • Coriander-Cumin Powder – Similar to sesame seeds, the coriander-cumin powder is a regular add-on.
  • Turmeric Powder – It’s a natural dye and enriches the flavour of the recipe. Therefore, don’t skip.
  • Salt – Add as per taste.
  • Green Masala – Since we are not using red chilli powder, the green chilli paste will add the required spiciness. Additionally, ginger-garlic paste -is used for an intense aroma & taste. Don’t skip them.
  • Fenugreek Leaves – This is our star ingredient. Use fresh leaves. Wash & clean them before using.
  • Coriander – Pick fresh coriander leaves. Wash & clean them before using.
  • Cooking Oil – To knead the dough. Use cooking oil of your choice. Add gradually.
  • Curd – Our thepla dough has a vivid taste profile. To reduce the intensity of the flavours & bind the dough gently, we will use curd. Avoid sour curd. Use a mild sweet one.

Tips to Knead the Dough correctly

  • Add wet ingredients gradually as needed.
  • Avoid over kneading your dough. It must be soft and not dry or crumbly.
  • Buttermilk (छांछ) is not a substitute for curd. Never go for it.
  • Too much oil will make the dough lose. Moreover, you might not be able to recover it.

To Shallow Fry Methi Thepla

Here we will use ghee, aka clarified butter, instead of cooking oil. Ghee releases a specific aroma in the hot pan. As a result, a mild smokey flavour will get into the thepla. Try this, and you will love it.

To Garnish Methi Thepla

I have used butter to garnish. But let me tell you this. Methi thepla is traditionally served differently. Either you serve with chutney or pickle. It will certainly taste great, especially if you have mango murabba (aam ka murabba). Go for it.

Note: Cooking oil & wheat flour appears twice in the ingredient list. It is because we need them to make & knead the dough. You will know this from the measurements of both items. A smaller quantity is for kneading & vice versa.

Making Methi Thepla the Easy Way

Trust me if I say this – It’s damn easy.

First, prepare the dough. Remember, the dough must not be dry. It must contain adequate moisture. There shall be no cracks, and the texture must be visibly fresh. Once your dough is ready, it’s time to make round thepla out of it.

But first, make dumplings.

Coat the dumplings using wheat flour; otherwise, they will stick to the surface. Use a roller pin to roll. Make it flat & give it an excellent round shape.

The last step is to shallow fry the thepla. Pour ghee & fry. Flip the thepla to fry both the side evenly. Make sure it doesn’t burn. Now your methi thepla is ready. Serve hot.

Hence, that was it with the traditional methi wala thepla recipe today.