Gobi Paratha is a flexible food item. There are reasons why this paratha is versatile. Imagine a food item that you can eat as a main course & also as an accompaniment at the same time.

Additionally, you can consume it for lunch, dinner or breakfast. A step further, it is an evergreen substitute for chappati. Why? Because Indians love eating sabji with paratha.

Anything & everything you can do with gobi paratha. Now that we know its multipurpose usage, why not make one for ourselves. We will start with the ingredient first. Here are they.

Gobi Paratha Ingredients

Cauliflower is the main ingredient in the paratha. But we will also make sure to make this paratha with fewer spices. Here’s the list of things we need.

Cooking Oil

There are three instances where we need cooking oil. First, saute the spices, knead the dough & shallow fry our paratha. Use the oil brand that you prefer. Regular cooking oil from your kitchen is enough too.

Cumin Seeds

Jeera, aka cumin seeds here, will add the nutty flavour. Don’t skip jeera, or else the masala will be plain & miss the taste.

Green Masala Paste

Again the same ginger, garlic & green chilli paste will go into the paratha dough. Furthermore, you can increase or decrease the quantity as per taste.


Like I said above, cauliflower is the main ingredient. There’s not much to explain about the vegetable. Just shred the vegetable beforehand. That’s it.


Freshly chopped coriander will go with cauliflower in the mixture. Add coriander according to your taste preference.

Lemon Juice

For the khatta flavour, we will add lemon juice. Squeeze fresh juice out of lemons & remove the seeds before you start cooking.

Wheat Flour in Gobi Paratha

Wheat flour will bind & hold all ingredients together. So we know about wheat flour & how to use it. Right?

Making Gobi Paratha

The process is easy & doesn’t require pro cooking skills. However, I am pretty sure you will feel like a MasterChef when you make this paratha, especially if you are new to cooking. Let’s make the famous गोभी के पराठे.

The entire recipe involves four steps. Refer below.

The Cauliflower Filling

Refer to the item list & sort out things that we need to make the filling. We are making this paratha with the filling method. I have explained what it is at the end of this section. Scroll down and take a look.

Cook the filling mixture till soft and aromatic when done, keep aside & move on to the next step.

The Wheat Dough

In the filling method, we need an outer cover. Ideally, it is wheat flour cover for parathas. However, specific recipes require the outer shell to be of all-purpose flour. So, here it is, wheat.

We will make plain wheat flour dough. I guess it’s self-explanatory.

Giving Shape to Your Gobi Paratha

Here you will need to make a plain thick chappati first. After that, put some cauliflower mixture & wrap it like momos. Further, flatten the momo using a rolling pin. Your gobi paratha is almost ready. Now you need to shallow fry the same.

Frying the Gobi Paratha

I have used cooking oil to shallow fry the paratha. On the contrary, you can use butter. Above all, ghee is the best replacement for oil & butter. Go for it if you have.

Just take care that the paratha doesn’t burn while frying.

Hence, that was it with the gobi paratha recipe today.