Subz Panchmel belongs to the Royal Rajasthan. The word meaning of subz panchmel is five vegetable sabji in the native language. But, surprisingly, this particular dish has two other names – Subz Panchratan or Subz Panchavati. It is because both of them have the same meaning.

Subz Panchmel v/s Surti Papdi Undhiyu

There’s a significant connection between this royal Rajasthani dish & the one from Gujarat. Let me tell you how. The panchmael has five veggies in it with ground spices & masala powders.

Now there’s one more dish called Surti Papdi Undhiyu, which has the same concept. Although there are more than five vegetables in the surti papdi undhiyu, it resembles our current recipe.

In a way, the mix veg surti undhiyu is a hotchpotch of vegetables, spices & masala powders. I mean a decent mixture with taste, texture & vivid aroma. Okay, let’s understand our traditional Rajasthani dish first.

What is Subz Panchmel?

The word pancmael, panchratan & panchavati means five. It’s terminology. It means your subz panchmel must contain vegetables no less than five. You can add a couple of veggies, and still, it can be panchmael. It is essential to realise that the vegetable count must not be less than five.

That’s the basic structure of our recipe. But, first, let’s discuss the ingredients.

Subz Panchmel Ingredients

Spoiler alert! The list is long, but on the other hand, every single thing is readily available. Of course, there are a few prior preparations we need to do. However, they are cutting, chopping or peeling the vegetables.

Let’s begin. For your convenience, I have divided items into sections. It will lift your mood & make the job easy.

Paste & Puree (4 items)

To achieve a thick texture, we will make cashew paste using muskmelon seeds. Add water as per your desired consistency. There isn’t more to explore about the paste. On the other hand, we need tomato puree for apparent purposes. Grind tomatoes to make them pure. That’s it.

Spices & Masala (10 items)

To temper our veggies, we need ground spice, masala powders & fresh herbs—for instance, garlic, ginger, green chilli & coriander.

The only exception here is the garam masala powder. We will sprinkle it on the top instead of tempering it. It is because hot oil will suppress its flavour & aroma.

We also need cumin seeds, asafoetida, coriander powder, turmeric powder & salt. All of them are regular tadka items.

Cooking Oil

The tadka we are going to make will be in cooking oil. So don’t replace it with butter or ghee. You can use olive oil if you prefer. On the contrary, there’s a tradition to make tadka in ghee. So go ahead if you like the desi ghee tempering style.

Fresh Vegetables (7 items)

Instead of five vegetables, we will include seven. It’s just a couple of veggies more. We will need capsicum, baby corn, potato, carrot, sweet corn, french beans & cauliflower. Boil french beans beforehand.

Water & Lemon Juice

Add water as required. Too much water will make our subz panchmel watery. Lemon juice is optional since we are adding tomato puree. Although if you prefer a mild khatta taste, then go ahead. Squeeze a fresh lemon directly in the Kadai.

Therefore, the item list ends here. Now go through some pre-preparations.


  • Grind tomatoes to make a fine puree. Don’t add water.
  • Slit garlic & ginger vertically—crush green chillies to a thick paste.
  • Wash & chop fresh coriander leaves.
  • Wash & cut all your fresh vegetables.
  • Boil french beans before and then add them. It will take longer to soften the french beans.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice.

Making Authentic Rajasthani Subz Panchmel at Home

The best thing about making this recipe is once you begin, there’s no looking back. You will have to keep adding everything one after another. On the contrary, there are no complex procedures here. The steps are easy. Take a look below.

Prepare Ingredients

Gather everything you need. Wash & clean your vegetables. Cut, peel & chop them as per requirement. Keep them aside & begin with the cooking.

Temper the Spices & Masala Powders

There’s no unusual thing about preparing the tadka for subz panchmel. Like I said, before use ghee, cooking oil or olive oil, depending on your taste. Then, saute cumin, ginger, garlic & green chilli paste well. Then, when you start smelling their unique aroma, your tadka is ready.

Add Vegetables

Once the tadka is ready, add the remaining items along with veggies one by one. Mix properly & coat them in the masala to get nice flavours. Cook for 15-20 minutes or till everything is smooth & tender. Pour lemon juice & ta-daaaah! Your authentic Rajasthani subz panchmel is ready. Serve with butter roti or gobhi paratha.

Hence, that was it with the royal Rajasthani recipe today.