Paneer Malai Kofta is a popular vegetarian Indian dish. It consists of fried paneer dumplings and creamy rich curry and is extremely delightful.

The dumplings, that are called Kofta, are easy to melt in your mouth.  And the gravy is rich, creamy, and slightly sweet due to the natural sweetness of the onion in it.

You can experiment a little here and there in the gravy. Either make a paste of cashew nuts like we make in here. Or else, you can use cream to get the consistency in your gravy. You can also add butter to give your gravy to make the texture glistening and silky.

These Koftas are also great as snacks. Just make it crisper while frying. You will have your own unique snack that you can enjoy with sauce.

Paneer malai kofta tastes best with roti, paratha, naan, phulkas or roomali roti. Jeera rice or steamed rice also goes well with this recipe.

It is generally white in color when we eat it in restaurants. Tomatoes or ingredients that add color is not to add in it. But we can give our own twists to the recipe and make it more colorful. It is good either way.

To make it more delicious, it will be good to prepare even the paneer at home. Add tofu to this recipe, leave the cream and you will have a vegan version of this dish.

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